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It's been a long time since I played Paramedium: A noise in the attic. Over a year I believe! I'm sure we both have grown over the year. I want to say right off the bat thank you for making this free for October. I'm a struggling Youtuber and, as much as i'd love to support your games. (and trust me they are amazing) I just don't have the funds to dedicate to that. Hopefully the gameplay draws in some people to spend money on your games! Really hoping there is a Paramedium 3. This visual novel really is a suspenseful horror game that brings a lot of fun to the table. I always love AGL Studios art style it's breath taking. I'm glad that there are some voice lines acted but, not over the top so I can add my own commentary. Thanks once again for all your team does!

Hey, Rathias! Glad you dig our Paramedium series and thanks for making a video! We are looking forward to continuing the series as well once we're finished with Faulty Apprentice. Cheers and have a great Halloween season! =D

Din + AGL Team