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Interesting collaborative storytelling exercise. Lacks good pacing (when does it end?) or inspiration (where are we?) for players. A lot could read as a suggestion or a requirement. It's a bit unclear. Is the lonely mother simply an idea for a player or are these the 6 roles players must take? If so, connective setting and theme is unclear. Most of the story is up to the players to determine without useful details.


thank you for reading and taking time to comment!

For what concerns pacing the intention was to leave freedom to players either to just make a short "photography" of characters' lives, or deepening their exploration through a more long and complex plot/Story.

The roles I wrote are based on a setting I didn't find room for in the 200w limit. Something like:

 " You have spent all your life in the tribe on the island. Yours is a society of rituals, survival and community life. A mad old man has been screaming for weeks that the sun was about to die. Most did not believe him, and you? Now it's dark, and the whole community is gathered on the beach ..."

So I decided to keep the roles to give readers a hook on what kind of personal trajectories the game was meant to explore, while I tried to leave space for other settings and characters...