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Hi, it seems it's possible to go "out of bounds" of the map with this error: <<display>> bad expression: can't access property "where", gameMap[state.history[0].variables._i] is undefined

It happens when I use WASD movement and hitting any "wall" of the map, for example pressing A(west) on the brulvundojn's den map tile. But, the thing is, I can't go there if I use scavenge option or talk with brulvundojn, meaning I need to go one tile away (east for example) and go left two times to trigger this "out of bounds" tile map and error. I use Firefox if it makes any difference.

huhh, yeah, i see what you mean. it seems to be timing-based, where if you move during the scene transition it uses the prior cell's directional state instead of the current cell's. presumably while twine is doing the transition both passages are loaded and so my code grabs the wrong copy, or something.

well thanks for the bug report; i'll see if i can fix this one!

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okay so i finally got around to fixing this one! 1.1c should fix it (at the cost of slowing down overworld movement, since you have to wait for the transition to finish now)

fun fact if you go out of bounds directly north from the town, you can reach all the cut content that originally made up the latter half of the game. i was not expecting my hyperlink text adventure game to have OOB glitch to access cut content but that's gamedev! :V