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The dev said before that he wants to focus on Tom's route for now.

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I'm just glad you find the time to make MC of the new hive versatile (leaning towards being sub but nonetheless), most text TF games with male/male content are about guys becoming girls or staying subs without much choice in a sex role. Your game for me became a breath of fresh air in such a genre, so keep up your work in own pace.

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Nah, it's will be Scribbles route. Summoner's shard route.

The first chapter hasn't been completed yet, considering when the first two routes were released, expect chapter 2 in the next year. Since I haven't seen any talk about prices for the next chapter, I consider it to be free.

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So you loving incest and underage is alright, but when someone else wanks on a non-existing creature is a no-no. What a hypocrite you are.

The game is still in the alpha state, don't expect much from it yet.

Do you need arrows that shows a new location or something? Your problem is exactly that, you skip all the text, where the directions were mentioned or showed. Why even bother playing if you skip the story? You can grab the game files and unpack them just to watch CG's or just find a save file with a gallery elsewhere. I can relate to some help, like pointing at a teleport map where to go for the quests, but even that takes time and i doubt this should be a priority right now.

Please just don't cut the content to make it more stream friendly.

Better than their previous game Major\Minor. Had some bugs which was bad at a time of a game release on Steam. Still good, considering there is almost nothing to compare to, because most furry Vn's are usually never get finished.

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Hi, it seems it's possible to go "out of bounds" of the map with this error: <<display>> bad expression: can't access property "where", gameMap[state.history[0].variables._i] is undefined

It happens when I use WASD movement and hitting any "wall" of the map, for example pressing A(west) on the brulvundojn's den map tile. But, the thing is, I can't go there if I use scavenge option or talk with brulvundojn, meaning I need to go one tile away (east for example) and go left two times to trigger this "out of bounds" tile map and error. I use Firefox if it makes any difference.

Winds of Change community · Created a new topic Steam

Is there any difference between this version and Steam's?

Hi, can you please tell how to complete Dennis and Lyle's home quest about restless spirits? I completed one about a tree in the forest but is this the right one?

According to a dev's post on twitter, this version is cut, it's what was steam version suppose to be:

Abaddon: Princess of the Decay will launch at October 19th at 5 PM PT!! The fully uncensored version will be on FAKKU and the cut for Steam version will be on!

How to pursue an expedition? I click on a wardrobe, it says "This is where you'd go to pursue an expedition" but nothing else happens.

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Hello, I got so far as the yokai tower and defeated a boss at the end of the dungeon. Is there more content beyond there? Also I translated the game using some program and the characters routes end with "please buy japanese version" maybe it's mistranslation or something but is there another version of the game?

I think it would be better to finish storyline and then add minor fetishes, looking at other unfinished games that existed for years and were never really finished to this day because of various reasons (mainly because artists focused on suggestions and requests from their money givers and then their inspiration disappeared with a game itself ). Look at Lilith's throne for example, judging from the artist's changelogs the main focus is adding clothes to the game and new content (story focused) happens in half a year. I have really have high hopes for Hyao and wish him good luck on his game and i really want to see it finished and not abandoned.

Is there a way to get to lizardman in this build? Ive only found lake and cottage.  Are swamps available?