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By "the editor" do you mean the creation menu or the SuperTools window?

I tried both, and could not reproduce your problem...

Could you show your plugin manager?

And are you using FOSSIL? My plugin assumes you are.

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I meant the character creator, sorry for being unclear. I did use FOSSIL. I turned off the VisuStella plugins and still got the error, so it's probably not that.

Sorry, but I just used the same plugins as you did - save visustella ones and that charmaker (what is that, by the way?), in the same order, and still got no error...

And without being able to reproduce it, it is hard to fix it.

Whas it in a new game, loading a saved one? What was the plugin command you used?

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Charmaker can be found here: I tried to turn it off and still got the error.

It was in a new save. I used the plugin command OpenCharacterCreator 1.

Well, this charmaker seems to be the same as CCEx, just made right for MZ and still in development.

That said, that seems to be the right plugin command too... So my testing should have given me the same error?

I posted my discord in a previous comment, do you mind sending me a copy of your project so I can try to see it happening? Doesn't need to be it all, or have any media resources outside the rtp and a few character creator pieces, none of the plugins that are not in it when the error happens need to be there either, just one map with one event where it still gives the error. As long as the error still happens in it so I can try to figure it out.

Okay, I'll send you the project when I get home.

Discord didn't let me message you, so here is the link to the sample project:

ops, sorry, seems like I did not get an email about your reply this time.
weird, I am not set to not get messages, I think? many times I got of people I don't even know...
what is your discord?

Either way, downloading it right now