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Thanks for your work! May I suggest renaming the file? It's named the same as one of the previous Wizard Widgets.

I checked and this seems compatible with MZ. Actually, was it made in it? The events are named, which made me wonder (or maybe I just don't know how to do that in MV).

Cute game. The end was unexpected.

I checked and it happens if you start the Greencourt quest before finishing the Norborough one. I don't think I can solve that one.

But there's another way to end this quest: you can go to the house in Wintercton woods and fight the "witch". It costs a karma point though.

I'll consider it.

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You can have 3 of the permanent members, and all/any of the non-permanent ones (though the maximum number of party members is still 4, so they can be in the reserve).

Thanks for the compliment. I'm taking a break at the moment, since I don't have an idea for a game, but I'll try.

The job points are from a plugin. I'm not sure how to disable them.

There's a guide in the game files right under Game.exe if you're stuck. But the permanent party members are the following people in Cyobet:

1) Edmund the priest in Loracre (west of the castle)

2) Elizabeth the knight in Aldlyn (north of the castle)

3) Isolde the sorceress in Corvale (south of the castle)

4) Peter the hunter in Fairtown (southernmost town).

There's also a couple of non-permanent party members, respectively Alwel the elf mage in Quay, Curow (available after you unlock the boat or the teleportation crystal), a mage near Hosca tower in Nemond (also available after you unlock the boat/teleportation crystal), and Letholdus the merchant in Goard island (available if you unlock the boat).

Getting party members does require becoming a champion.

I have the same issue.

I wouldn't be asking for help if it was obvious to me, would I? Does it have to do with how Deep Thought's profile picture in Contacts is Jennifer Khan's, or is it another red herring? Am I looking in the wrong place again by looking in Contacts?

Sorry to bother you, but I need some more help. Is the password in the email inbox? I've tried many things from there and all I got was incorrect.

I had to clear data and do it all over again for it to work. Probably a bug.

I got a message saying that the jailbreak was done and I even have the achievement, but Ana didn't react and Deep Thought didn't either.

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I just did that and now I'm confused as to what to do next. Asking "What do I do now?" to Ana leads to her saying that we need to jailbreak the app. I got the message the app was jailbroken, and I have a few new functions, but I have no idea what to do now. DEEP_THOUGHT didn't contact me, I only got a message from marketing.

Edit: I closed and reopened the app. Now I can no longer access the place that asks for a password. Is it a bug?

As the title says, I deleted nanomax_systemConfig.txt in Acolyte_Data/acolyte_core/user/backup. The folder is now empty but there's no reaction from Ana. I even closed and reopened the app, but nothing happens. What did I do wrong? 

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The problem should be fixed now. Please download the new file.

You can become the monarch of Dofenilia if you keep doing the queen's quests. It requires killing a tyrant.

I'll look into it.

What kind of error did you get? Nothing showed up when I play-tested, so I have no idea what could have gone wrong.

When I try to launch the game, I get an error message telling me I need VXAce's RTP to run the game. Could you include it in the files, please?

Discord didn't let me message you, so here is the link to the sample project:

Okay, I'll send you the project when I get home.

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Charmaker can be found here: I tried to turn it off and still got the error.

It was in a new save. I used the plugin command OpenCharacterCreator 1.

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I meant the character creator, sorry for being unclear. I did use FOSSIL. I turned off the VisuStella plugins and still got the error, so it's probably not that.

The message appeared when I tried to open the editor. I'm using MZ.

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Thanks for your work!

Do you have somewhere where we can contact you, like a Discord or something? I get an error message: cannot read property 'name' of undefined. Here is the console log:

I added all the plugins in the specified order except DynamicActors and MessageFaces, which I didn't add at all.

Hello. I'm having an issue with the app. I closed it and when I opened it again, all I could see was text. The bar with the styling options and everything else is gone. I didn't change anything except for the theme and the notification time, I don't know how to get the bar back.

I came here from RPG Maker News, and I think the MZ colors are pretty good. There's a lot more variation than in the original gradients, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for your work!

I like your tilesets :) Just a question: some of them, including here, have tiles in diagonal direction (the same square tile has two different terrain tiles on it, each terrain roughly in the shape of a triangle). How do you do that?

It's cute. Short, but cute. I like the art style. It was easy to figure out what to do and completely stress free, which was good.


Just tried the game and I'm interested by the premise. There isn't much yet, but you seem like a good teacher. I noticed small mistakes though: did you knew (instead of did you know), did you walked (instead of did you walk), did you noticed (instead of did you notice)... It's not much, but it's a bit jarring. Otherwise, keep up the good work!



Sorry to bother you, but I can't seem to make the template work in another project. I copied the switches, the variables, the common events, and used the region ID 96, but somehow I don't get any reaction from said region. I made sure I had a Fishing Rod in my inventory, as it was my first thought, and checked the rest as well, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm wondering what I missed.

Here is a test game in which I couldn't make it work:



I went to copy the template in a project that already had the QTB template, and I noticed some of the switches and variables overlap: the reel ones, in this template. Is it normal? Did I miss something I was supposed to do?