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Hello there,

Friendly advice here:  The instructions are way too long.  A large amount of players won't even click on instructions before playing. 

Best to try and incorporate instructions into the game play if possible.

Also, once you unearth the blue guy it seems impossible to shake him off your tail.  Some element of game play that allows you to lose him would be good.

Hi Lou,

Thanks for the feedback, we do appreciate it.

The instructions are a bit long aren't they? We've tried to stick to the original 1984 game, so borrowed the instructions from there. Back in the day, we never read them either, although wish we had as it would have made the game a lot easier! Incorporating them into the game is a good idea, and something we may look to do in future releases - maybe a 'tutorial' mode...? The challenge (and fun) with Pico-8 are the constraints, so there's usually something that has be left out!

The blue mummy is a deviation from the original, and yes - it's a bit quick! There are a couple of ways to 'lose' him, but it is difficult to hide from him for long...

Thanks again, from the weareroad team!

Hi Weareroad,

I've made some small games inspired from classic arcade games and people complained about some of the elements of nostalgia I added...but I kept them in! So I totally get the staying true to the original.

I usually don't mind reading, but tried to read these twice and never made it through, lol.  

If you did want to incorporate them into the game you could do something like the following with the prompts for each level:

Level 1: Find the key to progress

Level 2: Avoid the yellow mummy (while finding the key of course)

Level 3: Unearth treasure along with the key

Level 4: Beware of unearthing the blue mummy!

etc etc, in whatever order most logical for you, but that way they learn a new mechanic every level.  Just an idea though!

Best of luck!

—Lou Bagel, Bagel Industries Inc.