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Thank you for playing Francesc, and for the kind comments, it's very much appreciated

😁 - awesome, glad the game evoked some good memories for you 👍👍

Awesome - well done - keep going!! 😎

No pressure for the 3rd game then... 😁 haha

Thanks @Vitmaster01 - that's great feedback, and thanks for taking the time to play the game 👍

Thanks for the second video featuring our games @spudcats - so cool! We really appreciate it 👍

This is a great game you've made Matthias, I really enjoyed playing it - certainly spooky! 👍

We've made a mash-up of Oh Mummy! and 3d Monster Maze for #MMAMJAM called 3D Picoh Mummy

Hi Lou,

Thanks for the feedback, we do appreciate it.

The instructions are a bit long aren't they? We've tried to stick to the original 1984 game, so borrowed the instructions from there. Back in the day, we never read them either, although wish we had as it would have made the game a lot easier! Incorporating them into the game is a good idea, and something we may look to do in future releases - maybe a 'tutorial' mode...? The challenge (and fun) with Pico-8 are the constraints, so there's usually something that has be left out!

The blue mummy is a deviation from the original, and yes - it's a bit quick! There are a couple of ways to 'lose' him, but it is difficult to hide from him for long...

Thanks again, from the weareroad team!

Hey @Spudcats!

That's awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to play through and make a video of our first game! 

We're genuinely pleased/flattered. It's great to see someone else play the game too as it gives us great feedback on improvements we can make to future games 👍

Thank you from the weareroad team