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Thank you for pointing this out, Francisco! You are correct. It is because the file doesn't have a digital signature yet.

We have updated the executeable and it should now work better. Give it another try and tell us if it works better now or not!



Yes, it worked! I played.
This time Windows did nothing. But Google Chrome blocked the download, but I continued the download.

I liked the style of the interaction menu, I remembered the game "Full Throttle".

I do not know how I got past the boss, I thought I was going to die. It was creative to leave the boss vulnerable with a punch to the penis. Hehehe!
After killing the boss, I went to the store to buy food to make a living. 
So I went back home, tried to open the refrigerator to eat and recover Life. 
I tried every possible alternative, after a long time realized that the shower water recovered to life. 
So I went out looking for new missions, I killed a lot of people and used the cell phone to call a taxi. Hehehe, it was tiring. But it was funny. I hope the new missions have unexpected and funny things.