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Hi Rijitsu,
I'm really glad you did this gameplay video.
I hope that you enjoyed.
I'm working on a more advanced version.
Thanks for playing.

Nice! Very cool! 
I really enjoyed your game.
It has a future! is a very promising game.

Obrigado pelo feedback! :) Vou fazer uma dificuldade progressiva na próxima versão.


Yes, it worked! I played.
This time Windows did nothing. But Google Chrome blocked the download, but I continued the download.

I liked the style of the interaction menu, I remembered the game "Full Throttle".

I do not know how I got past the boss, I thought I was going to die. It was creative to leave the boss vulnerable with a punch to the penis. Hehehe!
After killing the boss, I went to the store to buy food to make a living. 
So I went back home, tried to open the refrigerator to eat and recover Life. 
I tried every possible alternative, after a long time realized that the shower water recovered to life. 
So I went out looking for new missions, I killed a lot of people and used the cell phone to call a taxi. Hehehe, it was tiring. But it was funny. I hope the new missions have unexpected and funny things.

I could not open your game, Windows says it has a virus.
Look at this picture. 

I think it's because your file has no digital signature, and Windows interprets this as a possible threat.
I think you should fix this fast so as not to hurt your sales.
I want to play your game.
I will accompany your journey.

Good luck!