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That's probably just because we are an independent developer. If there was a specific 'file' in question though, i'd be happy to check it out. So far no one has gotten any viruses, unless you count the sudden need for more Paramedium after you finish the games! XD

Thanks for letting me know! Hope you enjoy the games, plz send us a link here or on twitter @AGLstudioArt when your vids are complete (=

Cheers! -din


I got it working now. X'D I should have the videos up sometime this month!! I'll make sure to link them here as soon as they are up though!!

Here's the second one. :3

Loved the video! You girls are too cute. We are happy to see you both enjoying the Paramedium series. We can't wait to make more once we are finished with Faulty Apprentice! Have a great rest of your halloween season! =D

Din + AGL Team