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Robin (MissteriouslyRecorded)

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Very fun demo! The game seems very interesting and I really do hope it comes out eventually.

Really cute game demo!! I had so much fun with it!!!

A great game to bust the alter ego out to! I had a lot of fun with it even with my "I'm not a epic gamer therefore not great at games" moments. Many kudos for making such a fun game!! 

I had a lot of fun with this game!! Even though I didn't get some of the other endings (I probably will later).

Here's the second one. :3

Posting this (like I promised) here (as well as Twitter). I had so much fun playing this (and so did my friend Night); sorry for our cringe, haha.  And I can't wait to see what more awesome stuff you guys will make in the future!!

I got it working now. X'D I should have the videos up sometime this month!! I'll make sure to link them here as soon as they are up though!!

Hiya! So, I was considering playing this game (and the first one) for my gaming channel; but as I was opening it up I was warned about a high risk file by my anti-virus? I just wanted to ask about it (or at the very least let you know about it).

I played this for my channel a few days ago, and I had a lot of fun with it!!