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Thank you Doulos for playing my game. I have received this feedback about the movement. In future I might change the rotating to a normal movement behaviour and make the heart look like a person running around. 
I hope to see you try the new updates of the game as I will be trying to expand it.
Thanks again.


Let me try to elaborate.  Your movement system is fine, fun even.

The problem is the maneuvering space vs the forward/reverse speed vs the turning speed.  Is a giant point of frustration ramming into walls instead of what should feel like a fun experience zipping around.

1 - If you can hold forward and just keep it down, and navigate through your maps without smashing into walls regularly, then it is balanced correctly.

2 - If you hold forward and you cannot get anywhere without constantly smashing into walls and have to move in tiny little burst and tap turn to get anywhere at all, then it is unplayable.

Right now your game is solidly in #2.

The system does not need changing.  The level design and rates of motion need tweaking.  The tight corridors and super fast movement and turning just do not currently work together.

Some, intentionally tight, hard to navigate sections in later levels would be just fine.  An entire game where even in the beginning a new player can barely move at all is not.

I hope that better explains my opinion.

Very well. I Will Definitely keep that in mind. Thank you so much.