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Phew, it took thirty minutes and a change of input method but I beat the game! I'm guessing that's not anywhere close to record time but hey, I'm not that experienced with these old styled games! I do love Resident Evil though, and this was quite the fun and engaging demake to try out and finish.

I think as others had said though the game was a tad too difficult in places, and for myself it was often the abundance of things happening in general which kept catching me out. I did however feel the game became far easier to play when using a controller, as I just couldn't get the dropping down to work reliably when using my keyboard.

Overall though this was quite nice and solid for what you set out to achieve, so kudos! I hope to see more great stuff from you in future and you've earned yourself a follow!

Hey. Thanks for the feedback! The drop down was wonky with one of the keyboard control types because I'm an idiot! But I have it fixed n' updated now.