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I just rated it and posted some thoughts. I didn't see any obvious glitches at all and the loading screen did seem to work perfectly. Does the loading screen serve a functional purpose or is it simply intended to transition the player from one screen to another?

I think Parsons will be great for pushing your thinking outside the box to make truly original content. That's really what I'd love to see in your work.

If you ever have a chance to take a class with Ernesto Klar, I highly recommend doing so. It looks like he's currently teaching BFA DT Thesis 1 with Kyle Li. Who are your instructors for those classes?

Oh I see, I will definitely look into that for next coming semester. I have John Sharp and Ben Norskov for the game design classes right now. The loading screen has a functional purpose for making the next scene have no lag when starting, since I'm using a lot of getcomponent functions at the start of the scene. It helped reduction the lag, this is a problem that I had before when I was creating the endless runner where it would have a slight delay after clicking the start button to begin the game.

is it on github?

No it's not.