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The game is great! Make sure to change the styling on your itch page to do it justice.

interesting concept! i played through to the end (rare for me)

thank you. i appreciate that!

For some reason, it's taking a while to load when it wasn't before. Please try it again, wait for a bit and let me know if the problem persists.

sorry, i dont speak spanish!

thank you for the nice words! nothing this creepy has happened to me since then (unless you count people on the subway masturbating to you lol). maybe go with something nonlethal like pepper spray instead. i also carry around a rape whistle.


not without a lot of work. this was last tested on an oculus rift development kit in 2017

also fy worlds end girlfriend!

I wasn't sure this was going to resonate with me at first, but by the end, I was really shaken. Thank you for that. ❤️

juno rules!

Thank you. There's definitely a lack of empathy happening. Stuff like this reinforces my self-consciousness.

I'm sorry you've faced your own street harassment! ):

thank you for the nice comment! im sorry youve had similar experiences ):  im glad i was able to turn this into something constructive.

Wow, my brain just imploded!

Such a simple and fun mechanic!

super cool concept!

wow, brilliant concept!!! i cant believe it was made in under 3 hours 🤯

wish sound

i knowwww... tell me about it. that fucked me up lol

and thanks!! :D

Thank you!! I have a perverse sense of humor, so I understand lol

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Development is technically on hiatus, but I should probably release it on Steam... I just haven't gotten around to it. 😅

Sorry, there are no plans for an Android version.

You might try changing the near clipping plane in the Main Camera to be further down. Anything closer than that amount is not drawn by the camera, so you could use this to hide the things that are blocking your view as you move around.

You *must* include the Windows build to receive credit. I can't play the game or review any of the code with the .app.

Make sure to include all of the contents from the sketch folder, not just the exe. The game needs all of the assets as well in order to run.

I think you lost the .zip in the filename. This might not open properly on some people's computers.

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This looks great so far. The only thing I would recommend at this point is to use a more legible text font. This works well for titles, but not as well for body text. In the edit theme page, you can actually access hundreds of additional options if you use "Select Google Font."

thank you!!

love this

Please change the settings so it's accessible.

Great! You will also need to play around with/tweak the embed settings to make it playable within the window (everything is getting cut off right now).  

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Right now, the game is unplayable. Please reupload it in a zip file and make it accessible using the following steps ASAP so it can be evaluated.

thank you for making something so fucking twisted