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Thanks! FYI you can call setup() to restart the game. E.g.,

void lose() {

  if (gameState == 6){
    if (keyPressed && key == ' ') setup();

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Your gravity seems to be working, but your floor is hardcoded to 390-dia/2. You could change the floor if the player's y is above the platforms and within the x range of either one.

Were your assets included in the data folder when you exported? The assets are missing from the build folders.

Make sure all of your assets are inside a subfolder called data before you export the build. Otherwise, it won't put any of the assets into the build folders.

Don't forget the assets and to export the game!

What library were you trying to use?

Right now, it won't play because all of the assets are missing (the images).

Can you try uploading it as a zip?

Adding sounds will help this feel 100x better! You can easily create 8-bit sounds using bfxr in your browser.

I wasn't able to reproduce this playing. The rolls seem to be working now. Did you update it?

For the player movement, you probably want to use GetKey instead of GetKeyDown so the player doesn't have to keep mashing the keys to move.

Also, sounds will help a lot for players to be able to understand the collisions.

Check the colliders on those walls and maybe turn down the mass on your character so they don't fall so quickly.

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I was able to get a WebGL build going (using Unity 2018.2.10), although it took ~28 minutes. I would recommend trying again. 

You may also want to scale the canvas element, because you won't be able to get past the menu unless you make it full screen (a lot of the text gets cut off).

I'll try to reproduce it on my end and see what I get.

It might be nice to also have the WebGL build on itch, in case people miss the hyperlink.

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Please mark as playable in the browser! You may need to rezip it so index.html and the other folders are in the root folder of the zip file.

Also, please upload the scripts and/or a link to your github so I can grade it!

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Scripts and/or Github link? 

Nice work on the itch page. 

Also, please mark your game as playable in the browser! 

Also, this is what I mentioned in class for changing the volume (on the listener instead of individual AudioSources).

Scripts and/or github link?

I would try using Vector3.Lerp in  your CameraScript when applying the new angle. So instead of:

transform.eulerAngles = new Vector3(pitch, yaw, 0.0f);

I would make it 50% in between the previous value and the new one like this:

transform.eulerAngles = Vector3.Lerp(transform.eulerAngles, new Vector3(pitch, yaw, 0f), 0.5f);

love how you designed this page! going to try the game soon

You need to upload all the contents of the build (several folders and files) in a zip file. Right now, no one can play this.




It's a site-specific installation and not really otherwise usable, but available if someone wants to put up the $$$.

Why did you decide to completely change the format?  

Also, you should include java when exporting. (this goes for all versions!)

You may want to prevent the player from going off screen.  It's easy to beat if you go past where the hazards patrol.

It looks like you're missing the assets (stuff inside the data folder), which prevents the game from running.

Eek, they're all the same color!  Make sure to set the fill before you draw them.

Before you export application next time, make sure the library import line comes first.  I just reexported it after rearranging it and it worked (Windows version wasn't working before).

Good job with the itch page!

You did the right thing by crediting the artists!

You are missing all the other files!

You are missing all of the build files, including the source code!

Great work!  Here are some notes:

  • Quality settings reason why flashlight wasnt working (worked for me on ultra) -- spot lights use dynamic shadows, so they are replaced with point lights for performance
  • Might be nice if the guard caught you if you have the flashlight on
  • Clipping
  • Use planes for the outer walls, which only have normals on one side, this way you can see through the wall when the camera is outside of it.
  • Sound effects for pick ups, hits, etc. would add a lot to the game.
  • Challenge would also be nice, potential to mess things up.
  • Lagging animations after releasing movement keys are caused by using "has exit time" on the animator controller transitions.

I'm glad you got it working!  I definitely recommend adding colliders to the player and environment so the player isn't able to talk through walls.  There's definitely something to optimize regarding performance.  It was pretty slow still on my very high end computer.


wonderful <3