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Thank you!! I have a perverse sense of humor, so I understand lol

Development is technically on hiatus, but I should probably just release it on Steam... I just haven't gotten around to it. 😅

Sorry, there are no plans for an Android version.

Also, adding the full screen option can help. Also, then the lose screen/UI hopefully won't be cropped inside the window.

Try using the lock cursor function so players can continue to use the look function when they leave the WebGL view.

You might try changing the near clipping plane in the Main Camera to be further down. Anything closer than that amount is not drawn by the camera, so you could use this to hide the things that are blocking your view as you move around.

You *must* include the Windows build to receive credit. I can't play the game or review any of the code with the .app.

Make sure to include all of the contents from the sketch folder, not just the exe. The game needs all of the assets as well in order to run.

I think you lost the .zip in the filename. This might not open properly on some people's computers.

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This looks great so far. The only thing I would recommend at this point is to use a more legible text font. This works well for titles, but not as well for body text. In the edit theme page, you can actually access hundreds of additional options if you use "Select Google Font."

thank you!!

love this

Please change the settings so it's accessible.

Great! You will also need to play around with/tweak the embed settings to make it playable within the window (everything is getting cut off right now).  

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Right now, the game is unplayable. Please reupload it in a zip file and make it accessible using the following steps ASAP so it can be evaluated.

thank you for making something so fucking twisted

Recommendation: Maybe increase the likelihood of a hazard coming at the bottom to encourage players to jump. I can collect points by just hanging out on the bottom.

When you make the WebGL build, make sure to note the steps shown in the GD210 chat on Ryver.

For some reason, I'm getting a lot of resistance to the movement in the alpha. This wasn't happening in the Unity project, was it?

Anything playable for the alpha?

Alpha download link?

Are all the files and scenes included in the folder you built the game into/the zip file containing everything?


No one can play your game as you've uploaded it. Please follow the same steps you used for Those instructions are on Ryver if you need them.

You need to close out the conditional statement checking if frogX > 800 before checking if gameState is equal to 5. Otherwise, it will only check if gameState is equal to 5 if it's already equal to 4 and if the frogX is NOT > 800.

For the health/timer during the question, you can tie the health/timer to the width of the health bar. So each frame it could decrease by .1 or something and if it goes below 0, then the chef wins.

It's really nice that you have distinct mechanics in each level.

You might consider adding a timer as a lose condition. Maybe the pigeon needs to get that bacon, egg and cheese before class starts or something. It might also be nice if when you reach the sandwich, the image grows to encompass the whole screen before showing the win screen. I think we were able to address your other issues in class. Good job.

I hope you've gotten some sleep since then!

Hey Luke. Please make sure to follow the instructions for how to export the application, because right now, no one can play your game! Someone with Processing can open the individual files, but it doesn't include any of the assets. Don't let your work go to waste!

Make sure you are referencing the local folder and not the full domain, meaning that instead of this...

 shutDown = loadImage("C:/Users/kevin/Desktop/processing-3.5.3/Files/FGP/shutdown2.png");
  gamExe = loadImage("C:/Users/kevin/Desktop/processing-3.5.3/Files/FGP/game.png");


It should look like this with all the asset files in the data subfolder of your project folder:

  shutDown = loadImage("shutdown2.png");
  gamExe = loadImage("game.png");


All your images are missing, so it's currently unplayable! Please add them. I'm really excited to check out the final product.

The video is playing now. Don't forget to mark the WebGL build as playable in the browser! Right now, your game is unplayable.

I would strongly recommend unchecking the development build option when making the public build.