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Well, that was hard, but I toiled.

[got eternally trapped]

no worries! make sure to mark it as html too so it will play in the browser. it looks like its currently marked as downloadabl

missing the html file?

missing the html file?

love the shrinking border areas

wow, that was intense at the end. i didnt expect that

thank you! 

people like that leave you feeling like ... what ... how do i even  .. . . .... .

it wouldnt have been made without bitsy since i really just wanted a simple interactive narrative. so bitsy was perfect!

yay! im so glad :D

thank you for the encouragement!!

thank you tanuki gs!

thank you ayla! i hope so.

im glad it reads well. this was my first time doing anything pixel-y, so im still trying to work out how to represent things using 8x8 tiles.

also, thank you for the support! i really appreciate it (:

noooo i misunderstood ):

(he thought my name was june)

thank you for playing and the compliment! i hope folks get something out of it


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ahhhhhh omg aaaamaaazzinnggg !

yup. this was the first time ive really used it. i love it!


love the art and quirkiness

im glad !!

thanks for playing!

If you want it to be playable by others, make sure to include a build instead of the PDE.

Your zip file is missing all the build contents! You need to include ALL of the files and folders once you export the application.

Make sure you scale the UI with screen size in the canvas options.

For WebGL builds, you need to zip the entire folder contents from the build (not just index.html, but the other files/folders it builds out too). Then when you upload it to your itch project, mark it as HTML/playable in web browser.

You need to include all the actual build files and folders, not just the exe. This is currently unplayable.

It's missing assets, so it won't run.

How is the player supposed to hack their emails? Is there a button to interact with the computer? 

No WebGL build? 

Does not run :/

Neither version runs :/

Don't forget to include all the game files from the Windows build! As it currently stands, you only uploaded the exe, which can't run.

Can't wait for more!


Thanks! FYI you can call setup() to restart the game. E.g.,

void lose() {

  if (gameState == 6){
    if (keyPressed && key == ' ') setup();

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Your gravity seems to be working, but your floor is hardcoded to 390-dia/2. You could change the floor if the player's y is above the platforms and within the x range of either one.

Were your assets included in the data folder when you exported? The assets are missing from the build folders.

Make sure all of your assets are inside a subfolder called data before you export the build. Otherwise, it won't put any of the assets into the build folders.