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Some 3rd party controllers can be odd- if you have it plugged in, on the main menu press select on the controller and see if it brings up the controller assignment prompt- as long as the controller registers under the xinput range, it should pop up, and then you just press left to assign it to player 1

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I was using it over bluetooth, but the game doesn't recognize it in wired mode either sadly (Steam sees it as a PS3 controller in wired mode).

Thanks for the quick reply!

Ah that would explain it! You might be able to use DS4Windows to fool it into thinking it’s in the Xinput range

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Is there any reason wireless controllers shouldn't work? I normally connect it in Xbox mode (it can pretend to be all three).

Edit: I figured out how to change modes while wired and it does work now. I'll post an update if I get wireless working.


None that I can think of- as long as they're xinput they should register in the first 4 controller ID slots that the game sniffs for devices on (0-3, reserved for xinput)

Okay, well thanks for your help anyway. I was having the same issue with Axiom Verge 2 and the wired workaround works there as well so I'm happy (the same controller works fine in the first game but not the second, its bizarre).