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oh no you can buy 20 of them for about 5 euro each, with audio on and everything, it's not that expensive. The real problem is that noone has a casette player. I'm kind of wack with that because I want to be able to use everything, how much does it matter to you if you can play it or not?

Huh, I would've thought they're harder to get than that. That's awesome.

But yeah, I can't think where I'd get a cassette player these days, other than from my parents' loft, probably... :D

I managed to snatch one from my dad, huge bulky thing. You can buy a walkman for 10-30 dollars though, so it's really not that bad. I was actually really surprised when I found out about that

I have a walkman? noone ?

I was actually thinking about buying one because imagine pulling up to school with that hanging on your belt, you'd be the baddest bitch withing a kilometer. Oh how well does it work? Does it preserve the highs and just sound good overall?