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"Oh, this looks neat."
"Oh, it's a VN, not tabletop."
"Huh, this comment mentions a video. Trailer..."
*endless laughter*

Bravo, developer, and thank you OP for pointing out the video is awesome.

Huh, I would've thought they're harder to get than that. That's awesome.

But yeah, I can't think where I'd get a cassette player these days, other than from my parents' loft, probably... :D

Thank you for making something like this. It's hard to express how ADHD works.

I don't think I could bring myself to actually play it though - the actual version of me also has ADHD.

It definitely caught my interest when I saw it in the current bundle. :) I might see if I can get some friends to try it based on the "community copies" (or if I can get them to buy the charity bundle!). Would be interesting to see their reactions.

I know, right? :D But I think getting audio cassettes in this day and age, is seriously difficult and expensive...

I backed this on yer slacker backer just for the soundtracks months ago. $60 tier because I can't resist the extras...

Super stoked to see more people get the soundtrack through the Ukraine bundle, though, because it's absolutely phenomenal. I would recommend anyone listening to this and enjoying it to go download the demo on Steam and play it, because it's _FUN_.

I'm genuinely pleased to see you guys putting this into that bundle, too. Doing some good in these days is a great thing.

Please take care of yourselves and I look forward to Unbeatable :D

This could use some numbers (how often do my workers fire the circle? how long will it take?) and some convenience features (if I hit the tier 2 buildy thing but don't have the materials, please queue up the tier 1 buildy thing).

That plus a little automation (auto sell? specify ideal number of workers and it'll hire them?) and it'd be _chef's kiss_ good.

Very much enjoyed this, thank you for making it. 

Definitely enjoyed the circle progress bars. That's new to me.

Winner. :) I look forward to it.

If the next version has either a download version or an import/export to work around the Firefox/Itch "Enhanced Privacy Protection" savegames issue, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks, and I'm enjoying the game so far :)

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Unfortunate, you can't revert if you accidentally buy Advance Orb, nor can you downrank spells.
My mistake for buying it in the first place, but that really needs a "whoops, I don't want this 'upgrade'" option

I really like casting frequently, and don't like cooldown / cost increases - so that for me was a big oops.

Appreciate it's necessary though, just bought it sooner than I wanted

Research planning: That is a feature that existed in the game this is patterned from, Groundhog Life on Kongregate.

Seems strange to play this game where that doesn't exist, it makes the game much more active rather than idle - I prefer setting up decisions and leaving it idle, to having to watch it all the time

Your UI is perfectly 100% obnoxious, which is absolutely on point for the subject matter.

Love the game, I'll give it another go for the Endless mode I'm sure :)