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Aww, this game is just lovely! The combination of the hidden object mechanics with the beat creation once you've found each one is genius. The art style is wonderful, and the finished loop is great too, so chill! If this had been a team of three or four people I'd be impressed enough, but for one person to do the art, dev and music in a couple of weeks blows me away.

A minor point, unfortunately the audio didn't loop at quite the right point for me, which spoilt the effect slightly. I didn't notice it during the game particularly, but once I'd completed the whole thing it was very noticeable. Maybe that only happened because I was playing in browser?

Regardless, this was one of my favourite things in the jam! I only wish it was longer. I could see this working beautifully as a series of these tableaux, all linked with some kind of storyline, and perhaps with some other mechanics interspersed. That is a game I would pay good money for!

Hi, thanks for playing and your kind feedback! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I'll look into the bug you mentioned with the break in the music loop. I believe its similar in both the desktop and browser versions so I'll try and figure out what's causing that.

I like the idea of a longer game with several scenes linked together. I also had something similar in mind. I'm currently trying to polish the gameplay loop a bit more, I think it still a bit difficult/unintuitive. But after that I'll look into expanding the content.

Thanks again for the feedback :)