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Love the voice acting!  Seriously, whoever recorded/edited all of that audio did a great job!

*Turns to Troy. wink wink* HEY YOU *stares* HEY.  *walks over to Troy* I'm talking about your work.  *starts jogging towards Troy as he enters flee-mode* GET OVER HERE! I WANT TO SHOWER WITH YOU... ERR... SHOWER YOU! *full run* ...WITH COMPLIMENTS!!! *loads Beaver tranquilizer ammunition*

I also freaking love the FACE.  Ohhh man, that face.   I imagine if I were to eat this egg, it would give me the hellish farts only previously possible in nightmares. Brilliant Job! *kissy face to Adam*

Oh ho ho! Sir, the compliments do not just go to me and Adam. No no no no noooooo!

The voice clips/dialog was recorded in my closet with my head surrounded by shirts while I spoke into my phone desperately. I could almost feel anxiety and depression of Humpty. Twas a dark time.

Nonetheless!!! Your sick chiptune beats and depressing tunes helped set the mood for the game. We'll have to make a WebGL build of this and put the newer audio you sent over into the game. For the full effect, ya know?

Glad we all had a chance to jam and get this Deb-inspired dialog sequence into game form.  *tips hat in your direction* Good day, sir!