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(An excited man enters  the room covered in what you hope to be goat's blood)

Brilliant! HECK YEAH! I'm so freaking jazzed that you're continuing development on this! 

Can't wait to hear more! Keep it up; you got this :D

BRILLIANT! Great to see we both know what's up!
Thank you for playing!  I was able to get the majority of recorded Audio in there, so I'd say that's a win.

Already looking forward to the next project I can fine tune some of this stuff xD

The evolution of player mechanics and how that balances with the increasing difficulty is Brilliant! Just BRILLIANT!

Love the voice acting!  Seriously, whoever recorded/edited all of that audio did a great job!

*Turns to Troy. wink wink* HEY YOU *stares* HEY.  *walks over to Troy* I'm talking about your work.  *starts jogging towards Troy as he enters flee-mode* GET OVER HERE! I WANT TO SHOWER WITH YOU... ERR... SHOWER YOU! *full run* ...WITH COMPLIMENTS!!! *loads Beaver tranquilizer ammunition*

I also freaking love the FACE.  Ohhh man, that face.   I imagine if I were to eat this egg, it would give me the hellish farts only previously possible in nightmares. Brilliant Job! *kissy face to Adam*