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nice, but there's not enough variety. It has that annoying view about "perfect sex" a lot of furries seem to have. There's foreplay, cum, anal, cum (at the same time). It gets boring to have everything at once all the time. It's like eating cake for dinner every day. Neither healthy nor interesting.

eh but this is just a single criticism, not my view of the whole game. It is hot, it's fun to play, and it has an interesting art style. 

I wouldn't say it's just furries. Most adult games seems to have that "perfect sex" thing about them, furry and humans. Gets kind of dull, but I suppose that's what most people like? Variety would be nice though.

ay but it's in furry everything. regular porn you often have just like, one thing happening. The dudes only cum once and it's not perfectly synchronized. It's probably because the medium doesn't support "perfection." Good for them xd.


Hmm. This imbalance can no longer go unaddressed! I shall make a furry game where the main character is stuck in orgasm denial, and no one will ever experience satisfying sex. It would have to incorporate the term 'Blueballs' into the name, I think.

two wrongs dont make a right!


Your pleads fall upon deaf ears, for Pandora's Box has already been primed and must now be released upon the world.