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Heyo! Back again! Played a bit more and here are some more things I found for you! 

  • In the sewers, if you flee from the DEW in the left corridor you are transported behind him allowing you to bypass the fight.

  • In the sewers, if you go north from the right corridor you are transported into the wall.

  • All of the pots in the crypt can be clipped through.

  • The entirety of the second floor walls can be clipped through.

  • After defeating the axe warden there's an invisible event you can't pass through.

Anyways, that's all I found this time around! Still trying to beat the boss behind the double locked gate. Talk about a tough one. 


Thanks for the comprehensive report once again Silenity! I think what happed is the fact that certain objects close to walls had the special pass condition, which when placed close to ceilings and walls, allowed the player to walk into them. It certainly helps to see exactly where that happens, so we are grateful for that!

And I see! Exciting to hear! Trying out different effects always helps! :D