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Heyo! Back again! Played a bit more and here are some more things I found for you! 

  • In the sewers, if you flee from the DEW in the left corridor you are transported behind him allowing you to bypass the fight.

  • In the sewers, if you go north from the right corridor you are transported into the wall.

  • All of the pots in the crypt can be clipped through.

  • The entirety of the second floor walls can be clipped through.

  • After defeating the axe warden there's an invisible event you can't pass through.

Anyways, that's all I found this time around! Still trying to beat the boss behind the double locked gate. Talk about a tough one. 

Hi Aekashics! Love the game and thought I'd just compile a list of things that could be improved upon or gameplay bugs.


  • Starheart meters on DEWs are a bit hard to read so it can be somewhat difficult to plan when you're going to break it.
  • Make the tutorial fights not autorun. After you defeat the first few creatures Kumo opens his shop. If you accidentally cancel out you can't buy anything to help with the DEW. In a similar fashion, if you cancel out of the menu before equipping the item, you don't get to gear up for the DEW. Perhaps have it so after he summons the DEW you can talk to him to open his shop and have to manually interact with the DEW to begin the fight.
  • Perhaps remove Kuma's dialogue after the first couple of times you warp. Get's kinda tedious since his dialogue can't be quickly skipped.


  • If you move to the side (left or right) when first entering the labyrinth you will be stuck forcing you to reload because you can't move forward during the autorun event introduction.
    • Steps to reproduce: Enter labyrinth for first time, immediately move left/right before the autorun event triggers, forever stuck.

  • Entering the labyrinth without without discovering a waypoint will warp you to a black screen. 
    • Steps to reproduce: Enter labyrinth, immediately warp out, re-enter labyrinth, forever black screen.

  • Regen aura is using the wrong icon in the command/skill window. It's using the flaming orb icon.

  • On the long bridge south of the first labyrinth DEW you encounter, there are some water tiles inbetween the trees that can be clipped through, allowing you to completely bypass the fight.

  • In the sewers you can clip through the northern gate.

  • In the sewers you can clip through the pot towards the north west.

  • In the upper grove you can clip through the locked gate completely bypassing the key requirement.

Anyways. That's about everything I found in an hour worth of playtime. If I find more I'll be sure to update! :) Thanks for the fun game.