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Hi Aekashics!

Your demo is very fun! Very enjoyable! Fun mechanics and a nice story of a dungeon labyrinth! I am glad this one was not just one long mazes, for some games that can work but here it feels more fun to explore them further then that. Very nice thought and detail went into it, and it shows and helps the game be more enjoyed.

Silenity said everything I would've said, almost. I think also the Poison Vial Artifact gives you the wrong skill?

If you want to go with Silenity suggestion on Kuma's dialogue, I'm sure you know this, but using a variable each time Kuma speaks and after 3-4 times prevent the dialogue from repeating would resolve it quickly for you. Again I'm sure you know but if it helps you then good. I don't have an opinion on this, one way or another.

Also at the beginning when talking to Kuma I choice "Greet Them" then I had four choices in a choice box. I choice first three, then choice the third one again to repeat since I missed it, and then it acted like I had picked all four choices. This may be how you intended it, but I'm unsure so I thought I would mention it.

I feel to also say the three characters main skills feel they work really well together, and also with the artifacts too.

Keep going! You've got a good game in works here! :) I look forward to hearing more in future!

Edit: Sorry my full message didn't paste but it should all be there now.


Thanks for the feedback Boos!

Glad to hear you found the demo enjoyable!

Moving forward we will look into the bugs you pointed out and overall its great to hear KemonoQ is moving in a pleasing direction! :D

Definitely! Good luck with everything! Looking forward to hearing more from you in future.