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Hi there, I tried out your game (PC download and web-playable versions) for a spin, even though I died numerous times :)

The character can't seem to jump downwards despite pressing down and jump, such as when I am facing off against the 2nd sickle-throwing guy. Also, you haven't added in an Escape button for when we want to stop playing the PC version, so you might want to look into that :o


Thanks for the feedback! I'll add that escape option right away!

As for the drop down, that's a weird one. What buttons are you pressing? Are you using a pad?

Thank you for that quick reply, and yes, escape button for the win! :D

I was playing your game using a keyboard, and it wasn't possible to drop down a platform while facing off against the 2nd sickle throwing man, as pressing down and jump at the same time did not do anything :(

I'm more comfortable with jumping with Z and shooting with X, but never mind :p


Aye. This was a screw up with one of the control types. I'm pretty sure it's been fixed with the new update.

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I've fixed this problem with the latest update! The down+jump problem I mean. Being able to escape outta the game will have to wait for the next update!

Alright, I'll try it out over the weekend! :)

Hi Gypopothomas, I had managed to complete the game, despite dying numerous times within the mansion. Also, upon further inspection, the down + jump mechanic only works if you press and hold down Jump (throughout the action), and then press Down D:


Hey. When I said I fixed it, I had fixed it... I just forgot to upload it. Haha! The new update was up a few days ago. I'm 99.999999999% sure the drop down controls are fixed now.  Fingers crossed!