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sorry, TIC-80 doesn't support (yet...?) exporting to mobile platforms... You can try to play the browser version with a bluetooth controller on mobile, but I can't promise anything about how well the game runs.  

Actually, Tic-80 does support Android: but it can only run .tic & png cartridges in the free edition.

It handles input easily by an built-in virtual gamepad & touchscreen (both used in a tic-80 nonogram; ROWBYROW !).

So it's worth a demo, maybe...

(However ios users may only play it via an html export, as there's no Tic-80 app for their OS.

Also Love2D needs a Mac to install the app for ios)

But there's an another problem: character limit.

.tic cartridges have a limit, and Emuurom has ~%600 code over the limit.

There may be a solution, just I have little experience with Tic-80.

Actually, I found an older, .tic version at!

The answer now is: yes, it's playable on mobile! (android)


You can actually play bigger .tic files with TIC-80 as well. I uploaded the .tic file of here, so you can use it for playing the game on mobile. Transferring the file to mobile TIC-80 app can be a bit tricky I guess, and the game wasn't really created with mobile in mind, but at least it's now available as an option!