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I made a bit of mistake, amd ported the same game to web...

About the game: I think the concept is good, but feels too forgiving: as the shake mechanic is unlimited, and not piling up at all.

It can be balanced, by making each Shake drop extra 3-6 Balls to the playground.

It was fun to play, and made me think to make a new game again! (+watching someone remaking Contra's first level in 3D, was also motivating)

It was fun! Short, but fun.

I played with a keyboard on phone, really enjoyed it!

I think the game is using Cocos2d as an engine/framework

Actually, I found an older, .tic version at!

The answer now is: yes, it's playable on mobile! (android)

But there's an another problem: character limit.

.tic cartridges have a limit, and Emuurom has ~%600 code over the limit.

There may be a solution, just I have little experience with Tic-80.

Actually, Tic-80 does support Android: but it can only run .tic & png cartridges in the free edition.

It handles input easily by an built-in virtual gamepad & touchscreen (both used in a tic-80 nonogram; ROWBYROW !).

So it's worth a demo, maybe...

(However ios users may only play it via an html export, as there's no Tic-80 app for their OS.

Also Love2D needs a Mac to install the app for ios)

Thank you, it's a nice surprise.

Still, the darkness was a nice bug!

Nice, a new minimalist game!

Too bad that the (safe)cracker isn't trying hard enough...

Oh, actually I lost.... my bad.

I can time travel! (or modify old comment to make it look like I could...!?)

My first idea was trying to figure out the Game Engine.

I by chance (bundle) had a game 'Can Androids Pray: Red', WRITTEN BY:  Xalavier Nelson Jr. {And DEVELOPED BY: Natalie Clayton}

It was an Unity game with Maya models, and so this could had the very same engine... (I think.)

Great game!

And think of that it came from a minimal source code...


An-d-ro-i-d (10) !

Android version

Thank you, now I found: snip & sketch !

cat angel community · Created a new topic hidden

it works? or not?

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So, in short:

- games

- art

- music

Or most times:

looking for entertainment, to time travel with ease...

Thanks for the game!


Class 12th in Hungary. Using Godot Engine for a while....

I hope the theme will be interesting: as well my will, will be more stable!


Good question! I've some problem with finishing my games development, too. .

I don't know!..?

Good to know, thank you! I tried out the new version: the lighting particles for the dash is my favorite so far.

And now, I know the reason why the gunplay felt a bit odd: the contrast of the aim indicator/cursor! Maybe adding colored outline could solve this little problem...

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So, let's start!

It was a nice and challenging game! The levels were challenging enough, and had some surprises at times.

I don't have ideas, where it can be better, expect: the gunplay.. But if it was hard to accurately aim for a plan, then it's almost perfect!

And also, the thumbnail was standing out of the recent games.

Well Done!

Found it!

This character creator is the reason how I found it:

Because then I remembered, that I saw some characters like in this game...

Nice trick: making the fighter jets fire in a random, but limited direction! I needed some time to finding it out...

Great game!