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I really like this game. 

It's like in every playthrough, we're actively seeing the growth and change in Mathias depending on our choices. 

Since we can only romance him, I decided to go all in,  its where Matt kinda falls out of love almost with his Dragon Commander it seems, probably because of that route, I made the D.C. pretty disgusted with him, thought Matt needed disciplining, didn't believe in him, etc. But he still "loved" Matt. 

So, this Dragon Commander belatedly realized his toxicity and recognized he wanted Matt for real, no games, but Matt has had enough and was like, basically warning his (ex?) that if he didn't get his act together for real, no bs'ing, they were done. Because he was bored of them childish games. And I was saluting Mathias in that moment, because yes, baby, tell him! I know you're likely gonna be a tyrant Matt, but you won't let anybody push you around anymore haha!

My second favorite playthrough is where the Dragon Commander is once again kinda iffy about Mathias, mainly thinking he's a spoiled prince and too delicate for the hard work. That it'll be tough shaping him up into a respectable king, but he wasn't outright doubting him....mostly. Anywho! I played this character more of a tsundere-ish type kinda, it felt like. He wanted Mathias to stand on his own two feet and be strong but he also really, secretly not so secretly, pined for Mathias. So it was probs more of a one-sided rivalmance. I loved in one scene, Mathias forced the Dragon Commander to kneel when he popped off, and I got flashbacks to the first scene where he says he'll make the Commander kneel, and I was once again was screeching incoherently. This is looking to be the Violent Monarch path. 

Wooooo, I think I'll be writing about this couple once the game is complete because the tension between the Dragon Commander and Matthias is glorious.

Aaaa, I loved your comment, haha! Thank you so much for playing! I'm super glad you're enjoying LtGBtK so much. If you do write about them, let me know! *-* I'd love to read it! ♥♥