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In my most recent playthrough, I got the best ending with dominant Shiba. 

So that's sub!Tocchan, sub!Shuu, and dom!Shiba. 

I'm about to work on Toru's route next, which I've been dreading forever lmao because feet--- however Hikaru feels like an endgame bf due to his cheat. So it is what it is. This is new territory. 

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T.T I'm so confused! How do we complete the priest's quest with the angel statue? Does it require max knowledge to make it? Can it be found? Also, where is the Magical PonPon figurines, does anybody know? 

Edit: I answered my own questions. I'm in Year 2 on Mocha's route and this is definitely a long game lmaooo. I enjoy it though. The only thing I'm still stuck on is getting the dye for the Rubix cube and the fan. 

Edit 2: All ingredients (the dyes) for the fan and rubix cube comes from the Slime Forest, Autumn Forest(?) and the Snowy Mountain place. I'll go back later and get actual names right but I'm just too excited. I just knocked out two birds with one stone.

Morpheus is my godly parent and I'm loving it~ 

Wildy accurate, surprisingly.

I'm running across this bug but also a bug where after getting the owl familiar, and deciding Catherine's path, it sends her to the city.

xD Okay, anyone needing help, besides with Hikaru and Toru, I'll help as best I can. I've still not got around to those route years later lol.


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I really like this game. 

It's like in every playthrough, we're actively seeing the growth and change in Mathias depending on our choices. 

Since we can only romance him, I decided to go all in,  its where Matt kinda falls out of love almost with his Dragon Commander it seems, probably because of that route, I made the D.C. pretty disgusted with him, thought Matt needed disciplining, didn't believe in him, etc. But he still "loved" Matt. 

So, this Dragon Commander belatedly realized his toxicity and recognized he wanted Matt for real, no games, but Matt has had enough and was like, basically warning his (ex?) that if he didn't get his act together for real, no bs'ing, they were done. Because he was bored of them childish games. And I was saluting Mathias in that moment, because yes, baby, tell him! I know you're likely gonna be a tyrant Matt, but you won't let anybody push you around anymore haha!

My second favorite playthrough is where the Dragon Commander is once again kinda iffy about Mathias, mainly thinking he's a spoiled prince and too delicate for the hard work. That it'll be tough shaping him up into a respectable king, but he wasn't outright doubting him....mostly. Anywho! I played this character more of a tsundere-ish type kinda, it felt like. He wanted Mathias to stand on his own two feet and be strong but he also really, secretly not so secretly, pined for Mathias. So it was probs more of a one-sided rivalmance. I loved in one scene, Mathias forced the Dragon Commander to kneel when he popped off, and I got flashbacks to the first scene where he says he'll make the Commander kneel, and I was once again was screeching incoherently. This is looking to be the Violent Monarch path. 

Wooooo, I think I'll be writing about this couple once the game is complete because the tension between the Dragon Commander and Matthias is glorious.

It's coming soon, but it's not here yet.  I'm following her patreon on the $5 tier, the full beta is finished, they're just playtesting, most likely. 

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I played Forgive My Sins and enjoyed it. Then I decided to give this a try and managed to land the ending where Priest Andrew and Samael ended up together. And I'm horribly concerned lol! Poor Priest Andrew can't recognize that he is once again in a potentially abusive relationship. It could be better though if they take it easy and Samael gets some professional help, or at least therapy. 

WAIT, LET ME REPHRASE. I managed to land all the endings and honestly, while the two yandere endings were delightfully horrifying (because Samael is so innocent even while hurting the person he loves? its like he doesn't fully comprehend it?), I truthfully enjoyed the ending where Andrew and Samael kiss but Samael still tries to go through with the wedding, but it turns out they run away together. Because Andrew was like, hold on honeybunch, let's take it one day at a time, instead of letting Samael slip a ring on his finger. It felt more natural in their relationship, strife before the honeymoon stage, so to speak. 

So I figured 0ut that I could use the app version to play the game but I was really, really interested in playing. So I just downloaded it and plan to keep it on my desktop. It's really good. Slightly uncomfortable and terrifying in some endings but very good for such a short game. 

I managed to land them all, even the one where the fiancee and Samael stay together (arguably the one which is most terrifying).

It sounds a little confusing but that might be because I'm just kinda dumb. However, I'm mighty interested to test it out and see how it works!

I’m anxious to support the game. Especially after seeing the acrylic charms options. 😫😫 I think I’m stupid or something because I couldn’t see any way to support through PayPal.

Also! Belated question but will we be able to pay through PayPal? It’s not a diss towards KS but every time I try to use my debit cards that I know have cash on them, on the last day when a project is to be completed, they decline it and say they don’t accept that payment. Or something like that. I’ve missed out on a few good games I wanted to fund because of that. Recently tried this method with Doki Doki Dollmaker and it worked.

Thank you for your quick response! I'll be patient and wait til then <333

I'm curious to play the game but it won't even open on my desktop. It's a Windows 11 HP.


I'm sorry for being so excited but wow. I managed to stay alive til the end of the demo because the normal mode is easiest, instead of the other versions, I guess and I played Royal Alchemist. This is definitely a step up, honestly. Not to say that the previous game was boring because it most certainly wasn't, however, it definitely gave me some headaches, trying to get all three characters magical affinities where they needed to be, going on missions, etc. 

And to put it simply, the royal tutor from that series was like a "good" person. We're getting to see that the MC here is objectively a "bad" person. Beringer, one of my favorites from the Royal Alchemists, was after all, apparently kidnapped by the sovereign's people? If I understand, so technically, ummm, the MC here is infiltrating the society they want to take over. Potentially?

The insidiousness of it all is quite honestly my cup of tea. 

Emrys is currently my favorite, but I like Neri and Darryl too. Iris is adorable. The cast is wonderful and you've done well. Ohhh man, I can't wait for the Kickstarter. I'll definitely try and fund it. 

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I've only recently bought the game and I've gotta admit that it's already exceeding my expectations. At the time I saw the Kickstarter, I didn't have the funds to support but I tried to raise awareness. I've only played Sloth and Greed's route and I love them both! Greed a little more than Sloth, though I honestly relate to Sloth on an almost fundamental level. 

Tbh I think I'm more in danger of "failing" because I don't wanna hurt the Sins' feelings and I keep saying I wanna be with them long term....which technically isn't a lie. They're perfect! .... I just....haha said this to two of the guys, so I know this is likely to cause issues at the end, especially if there's no poly scenes. 

Also Lucifer? I'm drooling over him and I didn't expect to. 

I'm overly behind in who's actually a contender but since Finn's name has come up a lot, and he's such a cutie (but so terrified and I shouldn't find this tsundere attitude adorbs but I digress) I vote for him. Or the wolf; I adore the tragic backstory types. 

I've just found this game and I'm already in love! The characters definitely don't feel one-dimensional and like just...random people that can easily be seduced? Azad and Xelara remain my favorites so far but I'm thinking they're all very intriguing.

Wait, lemme reiterate what I've said though. The characters' personalities feel fully immersive and fleshed out, like real people with actual concerns and opinions. That and being the ruler of the land, having to deal with the potential backlash of decisions that I, the player, select, is a lot of pressure and continuously has me sweating haha. I want the country to thrive and for people to be okay, and this Steward to be appropriately handled, though he's a minor irritation compared to the assassins. 

All in all? Consider me heavily invested.

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I was too late to back the first game and intensely regretted it because it is so freaking amazing but I've gotta keep a careful eye and make absolutely certain to back this one as you haven't disappointed me ever. Big big fan of all your games, though I'm especially fond of Lake of Voices during the night on Halloween.

I've finished Jin's route and I'm 100% in love with it. There's a maturity with his route that I felt even Soichiro's lacked, not that that route was any less serious. I don't know, Jin's route just hit different because he wasn't in the closet, he came with his own baggage but he overcame it more or less on his own, with slight nudging from Haru. 

Ayumi was a sarcastic sweetie pie and I adore her. The grandpa needs to go, with his judgemental self.

Plus, that smut scene though? *chef's kiss* J'adore. Pfft jkjk, it was really neat and again, it felt more mature. The lead-up and how careful Jin was with Haru, that's how ya first time should be with the person you love. 

Okay, I just finished my first playthrough with Maximus. He just seemed like the least threatening and domineering person there and he certainly didn't destroy Miguel like I thought he would haha. 

I'm loving his backstory and Miguel as a character. 

Rin-Timber honestly scares me with his obsessive behavior (if you made the decision to sleep with him the first night); I'm half grateful he doesn't have a route and half want the route anyway. 

Can't wait to play the other routes and see what happens later on. 

Ooh yeah! I honestly forgot about that moment in the car. xD Don't worry, it is a cute moment, though one I don't often redo over and over for reasons; I honestly like to keep things casual and lighthearted instead of an angst fest like normal while playing the game lol.

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This level of detail and nostalgia is amazing. This clip, referencing pretty much all the way back to Step 1? It feels totally full circle and I'm here for it. I honestly found myself enjoying Cove as much as I enjoyed the side characters and Derek.  Legit did not think I could find any characters besides the romantic lead as important but this is definitely a feel-good game and very soothing through the pandemic.

It's in an older feature of the game. Most everything else posted is more or less accurate though <3

What level of relationship are you with Cove in at Step 3? Because my character was at the Love stage, already confessed their feelings, and everything happened the exact same, with the added DLC content, then after the final beach gathering with the family and friends, they went to bed, Cove asked them to come out for the final time, to the back of the hill, they talked and reminisced, then the options popped up. 

I don't know. 

I think the trigger also has to do with when Cove brings up whether or not your character is willing to get married in the earlier Moments, when they're going out to jet skii. 

If you say not right now, or something, maybe that makes it so the marriage options don't appear?

It's in the last scene, when you wake up on the poppy hill with Cove. There were options to tease about marriage, ask straight out, etc. I'm not sure how we get Cove to propose but honestly I enjoyed letting my MC do the proposing more.

I got the game last year and I didn't believe I'd actually get around to playing it anytime soon with my work schedule. 

This is in fact true; I only finished all three routes plus the bonus hidden route in the span of two days. It's an underrated game and I enjoyed Franz' and Sabre's route most of all.  Truthfully, I wouldn't mind if there was more backstory, a sort of after story for what happened after the happily ever after stage, just to keep up with them. Or even more background, potentially an actual meeting of Rivian's dad, or the King, etc. 

10/10 will recommend.

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Okay, without going into full in-depth spoilers, I'll say that Kanae's route took me aback. There were definitely plot twists and a serious heavy moment in there I didn't foresee but it was handled deftly, carefully, and I have no complaints honestly. 

This is a game that I would say doesn't have a 'bad' end (maybe) unless you're steering it towards that direction deliberately. It's definitely choice-heavy at key moments. For now, I rate it 8.5.

Edit: I've also finished Soichiro's route and I'm currently trying to get Shinya's but it's a struggle. xD

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The itch app ‘unzips’ the game folders for us. Gone are the days of manual downloads then adding patch/DLC that way. 🤣

I’m kidding I’m kidding. By 1:48 am, the Sentimental Trickster folder, unzipped, had appeared in the correct location. There was a potential update made to the game idk. I add the patch file to the folder labeled ‘game’ and while I’m not completely finished with all routes, I’m nearing the end of Kanae’s and will keep you in the loop if it works or not.

Edit: The nsfw patch definitely works.

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Okay, I'm about to play this game but I can't add the nsfw patch via the itch app? My computer is a windows 10 desktop with almost 1 TB of space. I click the gear icon on the itch app and it says the game title at the top as well as SentimentalTrickster 1.0 Win zip. I click on that file and it doesn't show that the app is even located in the itch app like all the other installed apps on my desktop. 

How do I add the patch if the game isn't appearing in the correct file?

Edit: It's working now I believe.

Hi! I met Shuu at his mansion after the landlord told the main character about the job via text message. The password is PonPon, no spaces. Try it with all caps. Do you have the demo or full game? 

Y'all have been on fire lately~

2020 was a rough year for me and to get this good news on top of the Valentine's Special, it cheered me up immensely falling in love with the game all over again. Thank you so much for all your hard work <333

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I just finished Shuu's route a day or two ago and landed the best ending.

This time around, things were a little more annoying because at first, you can only visit Shuu at the Mansion on Mon or Wed; later, he will also appear at the Bookstore on Fri and the Restaurant on Sat. 

A lot of auditions take place on Mondays, I belatedly realize. 

So yeah, I was off to a slower start in getting him to move on from Strangers to Acquaintances to Friends. I managed to get to the Friends stage in early Feb, and finally sailed into the Crush status at a week before May ended, then not long after I had MC/Haato confess. As always, the sexual relationship began in June.

To completely change your partner's sexual preference, you need only have sex with them eight times. 

Unlike on my laptop, I had Shuu be dominant instead of submissive. You will net more CGs if he's submissive, just a mini spoiler, I'm throwing out there. I finished the game with $800, 000 still left over. 

Currently, I'm working on Shiba's route. 

It's working! Thank you so much for the quick response! From now on, I'll just download these links from Firefox.

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Ummm, I signed up for Coolpaca and I'm trying to download the Windows version of chapter 3 but it won't download at all? Like I'll click on the link but it'll just fritz for a sec but won't even download the zip folder...

Edit: I don't intend to keep it for more than a day so I won't be double charged. 

Oathbreaker: Season 2 community · Created a new topic NSFW?

Is the NSFW version already posted or is it not out at the moment...?

I updated the game and the DLC's on the itch app and then re-added the DLC's RPY files back to the main game and now everything's fine so far. I'll have to restart my character over again but this is no issue at all as this game has serious, serious replayability.

I'd like to say thank you. Thank you so so much for creating this game. I've never felt more seen and understood and acknowledged until I bought this game.  As a demiromantic bisexual woman, too often I'm accused of sending mixed signals and not "being honest" with my chosen partner/crush, etc. There was none of those nasty feelings in this game and I sincerely appreciate it.