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Thank you so much for the comment! That was SO encouraging!! I'm a big fan of the games of that era, specially on the visual side, so it's always fun trying to convey that, moreso when others enjoy it as well.

About the current version, to be totally honest, I wasn't really feeling to release it the way it is. My original intention was to "publish" the game fully, as it not such a long game duration wise and the project was going smoothly with schedule. However,  giving the gameplay time limitations of the game jam, I was already cutting out a lot from the game, to a point it just didn't feel right. I wanted to respect the original idea for the jam though so, at the last minute I rushed the "demo", probably not setting its boundaries the best way I should.

If I don't mess up anything too much, it'll be possible to continue playing after that without missing anything after I complete it, so hopefully it won't feel like a total loss.

Thank you again for taking your time and sending your feedback!! I really, really appreciate it!!!