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Selamat Datang, Dosen 2D Game Programming LA04 untuk Binusian 2021: Bpk. Dodick Zulaimi Sudirman dalam rangka: Tugas Semester 2D Game Programming 

----( + ) Perkedel Technologies--------

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Guys, we cannot pull banner comment to top. Be sure to be careful now!

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Clamp: Guys, he's coming! now!!!

Everyone: (bow)

Fleen: oh great. now nervous.

Clamp: it's okay. me too. we too.

Reaan: IT'S HIM!!! WE'RE BIG FAN!!!

Clamp: that's enough. no need over exagerate. I know.

SHoonBee: I feel so sad, Joel is alone here. only some of us here.

Clamp: yeah. he may need IRL friends! he may need help to build the assets for him!

SHoonBee: Oops. too late. he posted it on Binus maya forum. guess he just need to somthing.

Reaan: Idea! he can ask his parent optionally!

SHoonBee: Good idea! that's my idea too. infact, been appeared yesterday.

Reaan: yeah.

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Joel: Guys. This is great! Sir Dodick saw it. And guess what:

AGREE!!! (Okay, Good luck for your game)

Time to instantiate cheers and yays.

And disable it after 10 s.