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I will try to have android apk uploaded soon but the controls of the game doesn't work well for non touch screens (sorry about that)

What about a Wacom tablet or a surface?

Make sense to make it work but the current version doesn't work well with other than android, ios tablets and phones

Good to know, thanks! I'll wait for the APK, or maybe get it on iOS.

Oh, hm, looks like it's "not available on the US store" on iTunes just yet. Is it still waiting to pass certification?


Oooh thats weird, will check that, it was certified before. Sorry about that. I am sorry about all the headache.

Yeah I can't see it in the app store either :(


I am working on that, sorry for the delay. for now, you can try it on googleplay

No problem! Just wanted to give you a heads-up.


Thanks so much :)