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OMG this game is so good please put it on Nintendo Switch when you're done. If it comes out on Switch imma gift it to my nephew and be like "Hey kid I heard you like Deltarune, check this out"


A Switch port would be pretty cool, but as far as I know there isn't a way to port games made with this engine to consoles without fully remaking the whole thing

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Aww Sad, I've seen some games that I thought were RPG maker games on the Switch, Ara Fell for example, but maybe they're not actually RPG maker games. (edit: turns out Ara Fell got ported to Unity somehow then released on Switch)

Maybe if it gets released on Steam I can get it for my nephew on Steam Deck, he's getting one for his b-day.


Yeah, from what I understand, the latest version Ara Fell is indeed a full remake from the ground up. Totally understandable, the limitations of RPG Maker are rough (next time I make an RPG, I'll write my own engine in GameMaker or something, haha)

Steam release is definitely planned for this game though


You've done an awesome job with, I wish you lots of luck :D