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this can be pretty interesting though think ran into either a dead end or bug? 

cant get one of the 'training' scenes, any of the 'dominated' scenes, cant find way to avoid the 'enigma' one of the characters gets and cant hand in the 50k that was ask XD

just wondering if they able to be done or they still wip? 

got ver0.4.3

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''cant find way to avoid the 'enigma' one of the characters gets'' - I don't know what you mean by that at all.

In this update, you can't give him the money yet.

About scenes, I can not give an exact answer, some scenes are not opened for me too (For example, from training), But seems to be alright with domination part.

tried not to spoil anything XD

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Regarding the character with enigma, we haven't starting branching routes for that character, So its unavoidable.
You have to provide more details regarding what you meant by training scene and dominate scene, with such information you just provided, all I can say is Noriko has 4 routes and you haven't checked all the routes perhaps. That is why you maybe missing some dominate scene.

Noriko routes seem to be not working for us lol

after completing the version and getting most scenes, seems the fourth Norika path seem to be hidden from us lol... for the other scene we dont have, its one of the first 'training' scenes on the CG list, even after picking both choices when you first meet your 'trainer' (sorry forgot their name lol), still dont have them all and the detail only says to train XD