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Replied to mminit in General Feedback

And Thank you for the reply XD


Good job on the game, although it is pretty easy to play though, it has its cutness when playing though.

Here are something what may (or not) be good to put in:

- A Difficulty setting (to those who think its too easy or too hard).

- Exp system, take away the exp and life a kill as it does make the game way too easy (and to not make it to hard, the one above will fix). The power up when you get 90% is way too over powered as well, this might just be because in my run through i found a lot of power apples and tons of health.

- The LP is a good touch to the game but having it the too low or too high will mess your attacks up is annoyiong, try having MP or stamina for your abuilities, these can have debuffs like, charge rate decreases or make stamina down when your LP is too high.

- The save sytem is a good idea although i do agree with some of the comments (before tye whole thread thing) saying that the save sytem is bad so try having two types of save systems, add checkpoints or quicksaves will help players get through the map easier. the quicksaves can be a one off return point while the checkpoints are not. Keep the save points though (adding a cut scene might be interesting to test out).

- The game is missing story, not sure what this can be but having info on what the creatures you fight are or what everything in your abuilty list and inventory really does, might help.

- And last but not least Cutscenes, these are maybe something you might want to test before releasing them into your game but having them in the game to show that you walked through a door, meet a boss or even opening creates  will help make the game better (in my opinion).

Well thats all i have, keep up the good work and thank you.

p.s: have more cute customs XD

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Is this a bug?

When you have a weapon and have the 'weapon expert' power, does it meant to survive 3 out of 4 hits?

Also, if you have a weapon and your outfit gets torn, you cant equip your weapon again, even if you change outfit.

So far the game is pretty good, hard as hell Though, but am sure i asked for this 'difficulty spike' since V3 as it got way to easy for people just to farm for HP, now you have to remeber to go back and save once in a while.

Edit: just a thought, while looking through the 'savefile' i saw a few indications of what the girls name is.... Is she called Sunny? I am guessing this name because i found that the powers name (or note) has sunny in them, example: 'sunny_firstaids' is for the frst aid power and sunny_scream is for Yell........ am not a coder so i don't know how to decript this save but i was just curious in what was in my save file. XD

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I Really hope you get this game on steam before they disable greenlight :/

But..... if you need that funding to put this on steam, am sure theres tons of people willing to help XD

Thank you, take your time and make it nice XD

When is Version 4 coming?

Just wondering XD

Like platform games? or just Lewd in general?

Posted in Bug Reports

Okay now i can post my report XD

I bought the game to support the Dev so i have the full game, i haven't played through the game yet but did have a few minutes on it to try it. The only bug / problem i found is that the shooting plant things (i have no idea what their called) are set wrong, the once on the ground are fine but the onces on the walls and celing is looking up, meaning their not doing anythingbut shooting the walls or ceilings.

Hopefully this can be fixed, its a good game so far (annoying, but platform games are) and thats the only problem i found so far, hopr this helps XD


Created a new topic Bug Reports

If you find a bug, glitch or any other problem post here.

[this is not an officail topic for this but hopefully the developer can still see this.]

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Well that was fun, wish the beta had more maps though, nearly crashed pc with 50 bots running around XD.....

The only down side is, it doesn't have many weapons (but the once what are there is really fun to use) and theres noone online :(

Except that, i can't wait for the game to be on steam, good luck XD

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my download speed is at average 800km/s (up to about 1.5mb/s) so it's not my connection. I am running on Windows 10, I get these malware notes all the time so I know how that's done (I got a anti-malware / anti-virus software as well) but not sure if its the cause of this download speed being very slow. I am not a computer expert but my computer does well downloading most things, for example, I can download a 4.5GB game within 4/5 hours on steam.

Hope this helps,


I want to try the game but.... why is it taking 8-12 hours to download XD

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After downloading the itch app on the computer to help keep track of all the games and keep them updated i realised that the speed of downloading is only 5-15kb/s what is really slow. I can download games from chrome within a few seconds and complete them before the app even downloads anything.

Anyways, the question is, how can i speed this up, raise the km/s to at least 1000km/s (aka 1mb/s) or higher?

If i can't adjust this, what is the point of this app anyways if the downloads (and possibly the uploads) are very slow?

so yeah, that's my question... and complaint so, Thanks in advance.


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Hey Dev,

I agree to this, I used Normal stance all through the game and even though it was complicated at first, gaining 1HP per battle gives you a BIG upper hand against the rest of the game. The only thing I don't agree with is the 'enemies getting weaker' (or I think that's what he meant), I rather them have a health or attack boost if you kill to many, this will let you be wary on what 'encounter' you choice. If you defeat enemies, by defeating (for example), 5 - 10 of the same opponent, this opponent will receive a boost.

The one thing I wanted to add to the list is, Difficulty, you should have a choice at the beginning on both the encounter and the difficulty meaning you can have hard enemies and low encounter or the other way round, or even make your life hell by setting it to hard with high encounter (what should also add extra items and special scenes). Edit: you cannot change this after starting.

Well I hop this helps, i like the style of the game (not because its NSFW but because its pretty good), the only thing it needs is a story.... not sure how but there must be a reason why this dungeon is here... just a thought.

Oh, well it doesn't hurt to have both downloaded then XD


Hello, i am wanting to try this game put what does the (RTP Not Included) files mean?