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Where you get the character models from? XD

Anyways, good story so far, good job XD

What other art styles you use XD

Why not do something like a comic or animation then :)

I love the art style, hope you Do more XD

Oh, i haven't got to her yet, am more just wondering around because am not sure how to get through the apartment parts just yet, cant even hit the ghosts yet lol

Not sure the best way to defeat here but you can avoid her by finding the building thats near her (if your talking about the one at the North East corner of the first map) I say this because i tried many times and died and gave up lol

hmm,Dont seem to work, after clicking New it just goes Black screen and doesn't load XD

Thank you for quick response and the advice XD

This is really good, while i am currently lost and have 1hp and decided to save with that i am still enjoy playing it, the one thing i would like to say though is, can you block? some attacks will knock you out and if your stuck they keep attacking you while down meaning your non stop getting KO'ed, so be good to be able to either block or dodge out of the KO status XD.

Also, can the robo bug things get destroyed by knife or only by the guns?

Keep up the good work XD

Nice looking game, not really sure how to complete it or find anything though, the controls with keyboard is awkward, Y,B,X, and A is the controls but with keyboard they are spread out to play comfortably, so will try this again if this gets fixed XD

Awesome, thank you, just wanted to make sure, going to give it a try then XD

Does this mean that this game is online? or you just saying that these links will Disapear on that day XD

This game does look really nice though i would say add more options to Discover more of your own past or hers, and at least allow her to have an orgasm, poor girl cant get one.

Artistically speaking, i would love to see a full Story focused game with this art style, they are Rarely ever any, reason i wanted to buy this in hopes the Dev decides to do more in this style, people need to use this art style more, its so colourful and nice XD

It seems to be random, however i am missing the very first CG after completing the game, i also went into the bonus chapter and found that i have 999 stones.... i think thats also a bug?

I am also missing other CG not relating to Bosses, i also tried reloading the save by exting the game but it never worked, also tried looking up an eiler save however that save just deleted every CG even if it says i've completed it (as all the Sprites are unlocked) i tried a few times but never found a way to reverse this, so now i have no CGs unlocked but the game is 'completed'. I have not done the bonus chapter yet, that is hard XP

So while i cant 100% the game, i would like to say that The game was good, the story needs more scenes as some are just blacked out while the characters talk for 10 min and there are a few spelling/grammer issues that need fixed, but never the less, good job XD

I really like this game however, how do you 100% the dairy, i cant seem to do it, each time certain ones get unlocked, i notice that some are missing, including some esentail ones related to the story.

Awesome, Good luck with future projects XD

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its in desert area, after getting past first puzzle (the 4 square buttons to open the tomb like door) the chest is below the Bridge, use the vines to climb down, just climb down all them till you reach a chest (its roughly straight below it, to the left side) XD

Also, if you see the large puzzle in another cave you went too far

Thank you for the long message, i might pick up the EX version later if i like the full release, yeah i understand why you cant  give players their personal choice on that sort of thing. The animated scenes, when they are added will that replace the text description as those are really well done in some places so its worth keeping those in if possible XD

Wow, this combat is actually really well made XD

I hope to see this finished, pretty cool concept as well, will buy this if its ever becomes finished XD

Okay now its saying this:

Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of NW.js.

Some features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of NW.js.

so it crashes the game :/


I just wanted to add a few things,

 some of the items dont have descriptions on them so its hard to tell what they were for.

I think i bugged out the bandit camp as it says i need to talk to someone and yet i haven't saved them yet.

The letter has no mission attached to it (as far as i can tell) and has no information on it.

Some of the puzzles are insanely annoying, maybe add a help note hidden around or something, game sort of loses its pace when a puzzle shows up.

Some stats dont show, Luck, Dodge etc, will be cool to have a menu for those and effects also could be explained a little.

Thats all i wanted to add that might help. i do have a request/suggestion, add an option to change the Main characters bust size, if it was added that players can adjust how big/small they are it would be pretty cool. Also add Extra areas (like DLC) XD

Any ways thanks for the information and good luck on future projects.

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Good game so far, though my game keeps crashing, its after picking up a letter in the Northern cave, it happens randomly after picking it up XD

Hmm... cant seem to enter the Cold/Hot areas of the map, done everything i can in game but not sure how to pass through those parts

How do you make this sort of game? i keep wanting to try and make similar game (the 2d map style) but cant seem to find anything about how to make it, so can you please provide tutorials, video or code you used to make this game and the program you made it on, please.

I am not wanting to copy game, i just think the way it plays is really fascinating and more games should use it.

Thanks in advance XD