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Kind of late to the game….I had it downloaded for a LP when it first was published hahaa but here we are. I found the game to be rather enjoyable. Too bad it will not be updated anymore :[ but still a great experience! FYI This game is mashed up with another short game in my video below. The first game is The Investigation!

Great work!!!


Thank you! We've really enjoyed your video! Yeah, sorry about that. We built The Investigation (that's the name of the game) as a proof-of-concept for a tool we developed in-house called Game Creator. We don't plan on continuing the development though we'd love to (and maybe will, under a different name).

By the way: Yeah, the Hospital needs 3 fuses to power-up the place, though the elevator works and there are lights and... Well, we could make up an excuse, but the truth is that we didn't notice ^^'

Hope you enjoyed the (rather short) demo!