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I was soo moved by the game that I felt deeply inspired to write and record a song, using the instrumental that plays in the background of the game! 


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Once again, another beautiful piece from yours truly. Hitting on some deep dark subjects, but yet still able to find a sense of hope. I've played majority of your games and loved every single one. The art, music, and various paths for 'missed messages.' were amazing. Expected nothing less!

Can't wait for your next project!

Definitely interesting storylines so far, with the unique gameplay tailored to match. The feeling I get when completing a puzzle is nothing less than triumphant! Haven't finished it all the way, but looking forward to follow the rest of the stories.

Awesome work!

That darn monster nearly made me jump outta my chair haha I was in shock for a few seconds. Loved the style and the progressive challenges. Especially loved the eerieness to the game, like the background music after you complete the night and have to exit the room. I was able to reach Night 3 but that was it. I haven't quite figured out how to deal with the closet, including everything else. Maybe I'm missing something. Fun and terrifying game either way!
Awesome work!

The demo was absolutely amazing! If that could reach such a level of entrainment, then there is no doubt in my mind the Full Release will exceed that. I had an awesome time doing a Let's Play for the demo, so I look forward to doing another for the FR. Definitely worth the $$!!

Great Work!

Not sure if there has been an update for an actual ending because I downloaded this game awhile ago. But in the beginning it's hilarious with the various Executive Orders and reactions from the press. Set up for an entertaining Let's Play with the right commentary. But after an hour, the fun just dies dddoowwnnn. Great at first, but an ending would awesome!

Great Work!

Definitely an interesting game! haha Too many times I filled the pot with food and either overcooked it, or missed what my 'friend' was saying :] I had a fun time challenging myself though…….time to hit the fridge!

Great work! 

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Octavi! I'm a big fan! Last year I played The Highway and loved the spookiness, style,  and story of it. When I saw that episode 2 came out, I was ecstatic to throw down another LP for one of your products! I really enjoyed The Goodbye Note and like how the story is something completely different from Claire's. I was curious if the new game was going to be related with older one in any way. Nope! New characters, new plot, and new daunting spookiness! I'm thrilled and can't wait for more.

Great work!

I really love the entire style of this demo. From the investigation, the spooky themes, to the pixelated-type graphics of the game [I'm kind of a sucker for pixel play thrus]. I like how the difficulty for case 2 was higher, or at least you had more puzzles to solve and clues to uncover which took you longer to complete the case. Either way, it wasn't something you could just run thru. I'm excited to check out the full release of the game, and also what cases season 2 will bring!

Great work!

This is an interesting game that has an awesome, unique spin from your average puzzle games. Some will be so time-consuming that it gets boring very quick. Not this one! I could definitely see a lot more crazy obstacles being added to boggle you. I'm curious of when the full release will be? 

Great work!

This is an absolutely terrific game! I cannot wait for the full release so I can explore what is behind the other doors [like the sewn skinned one ugh]. But I loved the tense feeling you'd get when you enter a floor and you can hear the 'monster' off in the distance. All in all, a fun and scary experience!

Great work!  

Always a great story with beautiful artwork when it comes to Angela's games! Angela, I can't wait for more to come out, I'll be one of many to enjoy them!

This game definitely has aspects to be a fun and interesting game when it's a finished product. The moment when the power was killed and then a little whisper whisper literally made my heart drop :'] the controls felt a little wonky as I've mentioned in the vid, but that could've been due to my mac. All in all, awesome potential!
Great work!

Timestamp for the game is 11:34, I mashed up this game with another short game. Feel free to watch the whole vid if you like!!

For a game made in 7 days, I think it was frickin' awesome! I can see why it won the jam; congrats on that btw! Too bad that the story won't be progressed any further because I would totally do a LP for it! The only problem I had, which was probably due to an error while downloading, was when I looked at my reflection in the mirror. The reflection did not load, and I can only assume that it was of me. Maybe…..haha. But either way, still enjoyed it.

Great work!

Talk about nerve wrecking when you begin the game! This is a solid product that is fun to play, scary as hell at times, and a treat for people that loved The Simpson's! My self included! With that being said, I couldn't get past the 2nd level haha :[ I think there is promise if you're quick and luck is on your side. But since I only got to the 2nd level, I only have feedback for that level: I feel like there isn't a substantial amount of time to sooth Maggie while watching out for Marge. I get it that it's random, but I had Maggie start crying 4 times back-to-back with a few seconds in between during an attempt. She just would not let me leave the room which lead to Marge getting me. If this level can be that difficult, I can only imagine the other 2. But like I said, I feel like there might be promise if luck and quickness is on your side!

Great work!


Another great piece of work by Angela! I played He Beat Her and did a vid for it last year, and then had my eyes set on the other games! I can appreciate the deeper struggles that the main character is going through. We all, in some way or another, have these struggles and need to find essential support to hold on to. I also love the beautiful  artwork and style, especially the Roof!

Great work!

For 72 hours in the making, this game was done very well! There was plenty of information and perspectives to gather a substantial background of Elle Bug's life. And for the amount of time put in to developing, the game wasn't overly simple. It was just the right amount of complex to encourage you to dig around and search for clues. I'm also happy that it didn't end on a terrible note.

Great work!

I. Had. A. Blast. This game was so much fun, and I can't wait for updates! Especially with the music and arm functionality, you could just sit there and rave. I wonder if this would be a good game for player created levels? It would be fun to try some challenging levels that others created, or even just developer created.

Great work!

Kind of late to the game….I had it downloaded for a LP when it first was published hahaa but here we are. I found the game to be rather enjoyable. Too bad it will not be updated anymore :[ but still a great experience! FYI This game is mashed up with another short game in my video below. The first game is The Investigation!

Great work!!!

Any projects soon to come?

This is suppose to be your typical response to a B&E……..but what really is going on here??

I definitely had a great time playing your game and recording a LP for it! Can't wait to play more of your games!!

I'm definitely gonna check out your other games, so expect more reviews!

It's funny, from the thumbnail I expected this game to be something like 'Sara Is Missing', but that obviously isn't the case at all lol but as I started getting a feel and understanding the mechanics, I easily built an enjoyment through my gameplay. Most games that require you to figure out the puzzle, riddle, or whatever (pretty much all games lol), can easily get boring and lose its hold on the gamer. But my experience with your game was quite the opposite! Loved it!! I didn't check out the link for the walkthrough cuz it's only right to put the ol' massive brain to the test! But the tip for the very beginning (i.e. think, talk, etc.) was definitely helpful to get the ball rolling. Great work!!


Why did it have to be soooo quick?? lol Making a LP for this game was super fun! I loved the music and the spookiness of the story. I was just moving along, enjoying my playthrough, when all of a sudden BOOM. End. No flaws I could suspect; only tooo short! I'm curious, are there other 'Midnight Scenes' games that came out before this one? Great work!!!

For being your first release, this game is really really good! I enjoyed creating a Let's Play with it, especially after I uncovered the true ending. I'm curious of how many '??' endings are there? I only got one. I didn't get every ending. I think I made it to 4/9 + ??x lol but that's because the fourth ending was the true ending, and I loved how it concluded for my video. I have to say, what a turn around. From dark and spooky to kind of cute and adorable, in a gritty way haha. I wonder if other endings have a major significance or impact on the story? I might just have to continue playing off cam! Great work!

I'm really eager to make a Let's Play for your game, but when I fired it up to test it while recording, I noticed that it would never let me actually pick up any key. It would only play the jingle sfx when clicked. Is there anything I can do to fix this, or should I just re-download it??

I know I'm a bit late to comment on the game, but I just played it and found it pretty awesome! Took me a bit at first to understand the variations. But once figured out, it was a breeze and the story came together nicely. I didn't have any bug problem!! I did a Let's Play on it, SO CHECK IT OUT! 

This game is definitely something to get the "conversation" started to talk about some of our current pressing issues. I wish there were more interactions than were given to even further the direction of the convo. Most of the time, it felt like I was just sitting and reading. Other than that, I like the game and the idea behind it. 

For what it is, I definitely loved it!! Especially the room transitions (always love that) and the part where you hear footsteps running upon you!! I wish there were more moments like that in the game, but then again, twas made in 29 hours!!

This game was soooo much fun!!! Obviously starting off is a bit slow, but once you've built all your necessities, ALL IS GOOD!! Actually took me a few survivors to properly understand the mechanics to survive.  GREAT EXPERIENCE!!

Definitely an interesting game from beginning to end! I love the incorporation of the internet to find "suitable" answers for the character's problems. Some answers were just hilarious!! It's funny how it started off spooky, but then ended on a funnier/emotional note!!

With my headphones on, every time I turned away from THE BEAST it sent chills down my spine!! The graphics were as is, but just the sound effect of it running was powerful!  

Loved the style and type of narration of the game! Narration was something extra and  interesting  for my LP! I'm definitely gonna have to check it out on KS!