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Hi! Thank you for the feedback! :D

Yeah, this demo actually didn't have a lot of scenes for the bachelors yet >w<! There's actually more for that time frame! :D

As for the time balancing! The whole system is actually built up in a way that your actions during the week equals a "choice" in the standard VN! :D Each with its own consequences and different paths they will take you on! o.o For example, it definitely won't be possible to max out all your stats, or craft all items, or go on all missions in a single playthrough! As in a normal VN it isn't possible to experience all routes in one time playing! So what you choose to do definitely matters and get you onto a lot of different branches :)

As for the length in the scenes, we have different planned for them >w<b Some are just quite short, some are definitely longer like; Week 11.  Also, week 11 has a few different outcomes :D If you have reached "End of Demo." then you made it out alive! 

Thank you very much >w<! We're glad you have enjoyed the demo! :D

Oh! I actually reached the "End of Demo" (if i'm not mistaken) but since the pplayer kinda fainted? I supposed, so I thought she died hahaha... >w<"

And I see.. Well I'll just try to do better in balancing it myself then! Hahaha! Hopefully will turn out better in the full version! Lol XD

So far, I really enjoyed playing the demo so waiting for the full version haha :D

Good luck with finishing the final product and cant wait to see how it'll be! :D >w<b

Yes, you actually weren't the only one who mistook the ending xD In our next update, we'll try to make it a bit more clear >w<b

We'll try our best to balance it out in the full release as well >w<b To make everything feel a bit more guided :D 

Thank you so much for the feedback!