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Looking forward to trying this game too~!!

Been loving the Royal Alchemist too!

No problem at all~! It's been so long since I played the last time.. Is there an update for the Demo since last year?? :D

Oh! I actually reached the "End of Demo" (if i'm not mistaken) but since the pplayer kinda fainted? I supposed, so I thought she died hahaha... >w<"

And I see.. Well I'll just try to do better in balancing it myself then! Hahaha! Hopefully will turn out better in the full version! Lol XD

So far, I really enjoyed playing the demo so waiting for the full version haha :D

Good luck with finishing the final product and cant wait to see how it'll be! :D >w<b

This is not a normal VN I've found so far! I'm really bad with this style of game that needs to raise stats, though.... Hahahaha... But still! This is very interesting!! I dunno whether the demo would end with the player always dying or there's another ending for the demo, but I'd really like to at least get a romantic-ish scene with one of the bachelor lol... actually I'm very interested with Aurelius! So far, though, the story itself is very interesting, just hoping that the stats, missions, and others wont take a whole week... I mean like making 1 item only ends the whole week, and that's pretty fast... TT^TT At least maybe 3 items or 1 item with classes or 1 item with mission? Also, perhaps the scenes per week is quite short as well? Not sure since it's quite different than normal VNs with chapters, but it felt short for the demo... Hopefully it'll be longer in the full version~! Just saying though, personal opinion~ But well, Overall, I really like this game and enjoying it~!! Waiting for the full version!! :D (Hopefully will be able to play the full version :'))

Very beautiful art and GUI!! Interesting story with a quite unusual theme! Really love the mystery stuffs and want to know more about the plot, characters, and the Zodiacs ofc!! Can't wait to play the full version!!