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This is a new highly organized organism with a number of improvements!  This small coelenterate is extremely tenacious and has a number of beneficial properties such as:
 The endoderm is densely covered with spines that protect against most physical attacks.
 The structure of the oral ring allows food reserves to be stored for a long time and, most importantly, not to be lost during movement.
 The food reserve serves as a bait, entrapping unlucky organisms directly into the beak, one bite of which with no difficulty will rip even a great enemy!
 A secure rotary system allows you to quickly rotate in place.


Wow, "Greed" sure has evolved a lot!

I've also noticed something you didn't mention: This new creature of yours has stunning eater zooids in its mouth to attract nutrients and to ensure that there's no escape!


Do enemies absorb stored nutrients before you kill them? It seems that food storage is a bit too open to prevent nutrients from being stolen as you kill the enemy...



Could you contact us through one of these sites: 

Dominas#6068 on Discord

Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.

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Hi, I wrote to you on 3rd of November