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Hm, you'd have to edit the source code. I'll make an update tonight (just got home) with a config file for keybindings. It will go up on github for now. Problem is with the arrow keys. Might have to rebuild the host to support 'em. I'll post an announcement with the next update.

Woh cool!

Did a small update to github with the current local changes. Upgrading my tablet right now. Lacking the space on it for a Visual Studio install in order to rebuild the host. Even if I add rebindable keys the problem is I didn't account for special keyboard keys to be pressed (up arrows and CTRL key) at first so I need to re-build the host for it! Going to take a lil while!

I've uploaded an old SDL host I had lying around which should work with my logical files and has support for special keys. Download it from here and tell me if it works ( ). If so I can upload the rebindable keys files for you to use. Else, I'll do a github and game update tuesday or after I get back from Clujotronic (busy with a game dev festival)!

I think I lack the technical skills to understand what to do with the SDL.

place it in the same folder with the game and tell me if it starts and you can play :)

Ok, the SDL is in the same folder of the executable.

When I (try to) launch the SDL nothing happen.

When launching Ebony Spire the keys are still WASD.