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I wish I could play this game so bad yet I'm on a laptop with no numpad and I wish I could use standard vi-keys to move the character...

Any chance it will come in a future update?

Ok, the SDL is in the same folder of the executable.

When I (try to) launch the SDL nothing happen.

When launching Ebony Spire the keys are still WASD.

I think I lack the technical skills to understand what to do with the SDL.

Woh cool!

Oh ok. My problem is that WASD is impossible for me to use being left handed AND on a French keyboard.

How can one edit the key mapping? I can't find this info on the readme.


Created a new topic Is this game dead?

Github development seems arrested.

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I absolutely adore the sound design, it really improve a lot the gameplay experience.

I don't mind playing roguelikes in ASCII usually, but with sounds, it's a much more immersive experience.

Do you continue developping your game?

People still have numpads these days? lol
I'm on a laptop, Surface Pro 3 exactly, no numpad.

vi-keys is my only way to go for traditionnal roguelikes.

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WASD instead of vi-keys?! Come on, we're not all on a QWERTY keyboard nor right-handed! :(

Can I remap the keys?

Thanks for the information, I'm downloading the demo right now.

I remember the alpha game, I wasn't able to play it because I didn't knew how to remap WASD keys to play (I'm left handed and on an French keyboard).

Is it still the case?

The idea is really good. Yet we can't equip 2 items at once (shield and sword ie) and there's no save options.

If you develop something in the same fashion I'd like to stay updated. :)

Replied to kroovy in Bug reports

I have the same problem.

I'm also on Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 3 (a touchable screen device).

The fact is that the game is in touch mode, it's not clicking, it's tapping the screen which works... it would be good for both (clicking and tapping) to work.