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Directional arrow is gamepad are bugged, they don't work in the park editor and they don't work when you play any map, therefore you can't really place an object in the map editor.

Also throughout the game the menu and the start buttons are bugged, they are replaced by pressing the R joystick for menu and L for start. 

Hey thx for testing the game. 

Do you have an xbox controller ? If not you need to redo the Gamepad configuration at the start of the game (press BACKSPACE). 

Alternatively, you can copy the file ''controller.sol'' from the SkateRide folder to the SkateRide_EditorTest folder in your AppData.


I played it on windows for the first time on my other pc and works perfectly. It must have been the controller (i have one).  Anyway, on Mac it runs perfectly using Wine! I just have to replace the files from the normal game. Keep it up :) 

Glad your were able to make it work!  

Yeah on Mac you need to setup the Gamepad even with a xbox 360 controller since the input data are different from windows.