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Interesting... a couple of non-spoilery information fo those wanting to try it:

What this tech demo lacks in gameplay (there's literally nothing else than waiting and moving a bit between the two same rooms), it delivers in mood. It's like a really nice short film that totally delivers on the advertised time! :D

The VHS effect is well done and I like the touch with the 4/3 ratio.

Sound is well done for such a small experience too.

It doesn't have much narration either but this is definitely an interesting piece to put in a portfolio.

Curious to see more stuff from you, sir/madam.

Also, how much time did you take to make this, have you used existing assets/scripts, that kind of stuff?

Took 2-3 weeks probably. Most of that time went into fighting with Unity's lighting system though. There's some third party assets involved, sure — such as some of the small props, since creating them myself wouldn't really be smart use of my time.

Anyway, glad you digged it!

Good work! :)