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Thanks for the heads up!

whoops :---D fixed

Either's fine 🤷 Thanks for purchasing nonetheless

I would assume since it's free that you don't get one. Don't know.

Pretty sure it says it in the splash screen. Unity.

Thank you! That's some high praise indeed!

Yup. I'm currently working on a longer continuation for this one!

Thank you for playing. Will definitely dabble more in to this concept!

There's a slight color bleed and blur on the sides of the 4:3 "screen" as well, which I thought looked nice — plus having the effect fill the screen keeps the all the blacks the same shade, which I thought was less jarring than pure black on the sides.

Not saying it's necessarily a good choice, but that's what I went with in this one. Might do pure black in the future tbh. 🤷‍♂️

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As far as I know, I'm not. However there does seem to be something weird happening with Unity ignoring the resolution choice indeed. I'll have to look in to it.

What I do know is you can start the game windowed in whatever resolution you want, and alt tab to full screen. Obviously that's not optimal, and will have to be looked into.

edit: The noise cutting to the sides is by design though.


I mean, regardless of the length, this is a standalone game and a finished one at that. However, I do intend to make more of these.

Thank you!

That's the mystery. ;--)

My work tends to do that!




Glad you liked it!

Thank you!

Thank you, and good day to you aas well

chirp chirp!

I like it!

Thanks! I thought the teen TV-show didn't quite add up! Looks interesting!

I don't know what that is and google offered some TV-show for teens, so I'd say no

Glad you liked it though!

Thank you! Stay tuned, who knows what'll come next! 💁

Thank you for the kind words!

Took 2-3 weeks probably. Most of that time went into fighting with Unity's lighting system though. There's some third party assets involved, sure — such as some of the small props, since creating them myself wouldn't really be smart use of my time.

Anyway, glad you digged it!

Yes, you can rebind the keys in the initial window where you choose graphics settings etc.

Yes. It had issues because... Linux. Hoping to get it back up soon. Should work just fine on Wine though.

Alright. Tbh no idea what's causing the flickering screen, I'll have to see if others report it.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!

If you don't mind, what are your specs?


I just might!

Thanks! I'd like to do more stuff like this for sure, but not sure yet. 🤷

Not sure yet tbh. Would love to do something similar.

Glad to hear it!


Thank you!

Thank you!


You're not missing anything, just need to find a way out. The maze was made a bit easier in v1.1, but if you got it over the weekend you should already have that version.