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I had an idea for something to add to dreamberry island. I am really curious about some of the dreams, like what is going on with those popcorn cows or those floating purple balls? What if you asked the gamedevs behind each dream sequence to record themselves talking about the dream in his or her actual voice. Then in the game while in that dream world, the voice plays.  I thought I'd share my idea. It would be really fun to hear other gamedev's voices in a project like this.


hey good idea! especially if you're willing to share some thoughts on it yourself :)

it could be for example a "secret" (not so secret cause we want the people to find it) item (sth like the recordings in The Witness for example ?) that when the player interacts with it it could play the recording. It would leave the player exploring the world on their own and then they could hear the recording. what do you think?

or it could be something that appears on the dreamberry island which will play the recording after the visit in the dreamlands (and eventually maybe the player will go into the dreamland again to check it once more)

At first I wanted the player to be able to choose the dreamland they would visit (through some sort of dreamberry breading mechanic for example) but as I run out of time and had only 4 dreamlands ready I decided to play them in a preconfigured order as it is now. but the recording of the dream's "owner" could be some sort of portal from the dreamberry island to the chosen dream


Hmmm. Any of those ideas could work. If you did it on the island, what if you had vinyl records scattered about and a vinyl record player somewhere. If the player takes the record to the player it plays the audio.


I like the idea. Vinyls have some very cool vibe :) and that would make walking around the main island more interesting.