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I also created an account here to say how impressed I am with this game! I've tried most VR sword games and this is the most immersive and fun one I have come across yet!!!

The physics based combat is truly the most accurate and best feeling combat system i've seen yet! I really hope you are working on updates for this game because you would be the first on the steam market with this kind of combat and I know lots of people (me included) would pay good money for it.

Would love to hear about updates for it (and I know the community would love to follow it too).

Some feedback:

1. Chopping is fun!!!! Grabbing enemy weapons when all you have is fists and pulling them to you is FUN!!! Great assortment of weapons!

2. A basic menu would be nice.

3. Unlock/Leveling/Shop system would be fun! Maybe only start out each round with fists and as you kill waves you get a little gold to spend and unlock a dagger at first and then sword/shield etc. that you start with (choose your loadout before starting a set of rounds?) If you die you lose some money (10%)?

4. New enemies? Dogs or flying types?

5. Locomotion system?

Super excited to see where this will go in the future!

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm aiming towards having the game on steam hopefully even sometime this year. I'll address all the obvious missing stuff before that goes live (e.g. interface). I also have a couple ideas for the meta-game (unlocks etc).