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Really lovely vibe from the game, I wished the platforms were synced with the music. The controls are quite responsive, and I love that I can double jump, which saves me quite a lot of time when the platforms have not raised up and I needed to rest in the air. However, I don't think it the double jump should be used that way. If you wanted to make the platforms move on the beats and players failed to do so, they should be punished by losing health and be able to practice their timing skill. In fact, the double jump might not be needed in this game even and can be replaced by a higher jump, or you can replace that by the ability to hold in the air for a short while, which I think is more intuitive and way cooler. The platform movement is a bit sudden too, there should be some indication for their state being changed, a shrug, some dust, etc. Again, this is not to say I don't love the game. I also went with the platform moving on beats in my game so I totally appreciate what you did there. In fact, if you just keep it like this but make the platform sync to music and throw in some more challenging platforming sections similar to the way the floor is lave exploited a simple mechanic and makes it fully elaborated, you will have a great game!